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Britney Spears Now DENYING Birthday Bash Attendance After Paris Hilton's Questionable Selfie!

Britney Spears Posts New Video Denying Attending Birthday Bash Where Paris Hilton Snapped Sus Selfie!!

So wait, it turns out Britney Spears wasn’t even at this past weekend’s birthday party… the one which Paris Hilton posted a selfie of them from??

That’s what the Toxic singer herself is saying in a new Instagram post, at least. And Brit is also alleging that the pic in question is YEARS old. So, ummm, we have questions!!!

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As Perezcious readers will recall, we reported on Monday about the Hilton socialite’s latest IG snaps. Over the weekend, the Simple Life alum popped up at agent Cade Hudson‘s 36th birthday party. While celebrating, she snapped pics of a bunch of celeb pals and other friends hanging out. Britney herself was the most notable person in all of the pics! Paris snapped a selfie showing the two women alongside the birthday boy. Awesome!!

But immediately, fans started questioning the photo. Something seemed… off… and followers on IG weren’t shy to share their skepticism. Some wondered if the pic had been edited to include Spears after the fact. Others wondered wither it was an “AI Britney” posing in place of the real pop star! Crazy stuff!!

Quickly, Paris took to social media to blast “ridiculous” conspiracy theories about her pic with the singer. It wasn’t photoshopped or altered, Hilton claimed. It had just been slightly distorted by an app she used to un-blur the snap and make it presentable for social media use. And that cleared the controversy up, right?


On Monday afternoon, the Louisiana native and former Mickey Mouse Club star took to IG on her own page. In a new video post, she showed off a tiny Coca-Cola brand crop top while dancing in front of a closet. Britney opened the post by teasing fans with the promise of showing off more outfits she’s “never worn” before, writing:

“Here’s me going through my closet realizing outfits I have never worn !!! I am a practical shopper but I was really surprised going through my closest and what I found !!!”

And then things got VERY interesting!

Spears wrote next that she has “no idea” where those supposed birthday party pics came from! She told fans she hasn’t been to a birthday party “in forever,” explaining:

“Also have no idea about these pics of me from a birthday party … I haven’t been to a bday party in forever !!! And as for the pics, those have to be from years ago !!!”

Whoa! So what was the deal with Hilton’s snap then?! Here is Britney’s full response post (below):

Years ago?! So, wait, was the snap with Paris taken during the Baby One More Time singer’s conservatorship?? Really?! What exactly is the timeline on this?

Normally, we’d think this was no big deal. After all, Paris could have taken this pic with Spears and the super-agent a while back and only posted it this week to celebrate Hudson’s birthday, right? People do that all the time! A simple throwback!

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But TMZ reported that Britney and Paris were “together all night” during this past weekend’s birthday bash. Other major stars were in attendance, too, according to the outlet. That list included Robert Pattinson, Hayden Panettiere, Billy Eichner, Emma Roberts, Darren Criss, Demi Lovato, and Tiffany Haddish. But Spears and Hilton stole the show!

And they are confusing us now, too. If Paris and Britney were “together all night,” according to the outlet, how is Britney now saying she hasn’t been to a birthday party “in forever”?! Uhhh. But why would Brit lie?? Is there something to hide?

Or is this just another very weird conspiracy to keep you up at night…? Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram/Paris Hilton/Instagram]

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