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Britney WAS Breaking The Law

Despite some of her enablers fans making excuses for her behavior, Britney Spears definitely has been engaging in illegal behavior by operating a car in California without a valid drivers license.
The former pop star still has a valid license in her home state of Louisiana, but since she has been a California resident she has not obtained a valid driver’s license in the state, which is mandated by law.
Jan Mendoza, Information Officer at the Department of Motor Vehicles explains to Us Weekly that state law requires new Californians to apply for a license from the state within ten days of establishing residency. Additionally, they must surrender their old licenses.
As Britney has worked, married, divorced and purchased numerous homes in California, Mendoza says it is clear that she has established residency, and, therefore, is driving illegally.
“When you make your home here or take a job and you want to drive in California, you must apply for a California driver license within 10 days,” said Mendoza. “Britney is considered an unlicensed driver in California, the vehicle codes are very specific.”
Thank God they took her kids away!
[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Oct 02, 2007 00:33am PDT

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