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Brittany Cartwright Sets The Record Straight On Heated Lala Kent Feud!

Brittany Cartwright Sets The Record Straight On Heated Lala Kent Feud!

Brittany Cartwright is weighing in on her feud with Lala Kent.

Last month, the Give Them Lala podcast host shocked Bravo fans by dragging beef she had with Brittany into the Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion. The Valley star was apparently upset that Lala hired her nanny “without permission.” Lala claimed Brittany even texted her mom Lisa Burningham about it on the day of her gender reveal party, which clearly was just messy timing… You can hear Lala talk more about it (below):

Now, Brittany has entered the chat to clarify a few things.

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During Friday’s episode of her and estranged husband Jax Taylor’s When Reality Hits podcast, the mom of one revealed that she and Lala had actually already put their issues behind them when the latter brought them up on TV:

“I’m just gonna say this short and sweet because I didn’t know that she was gonna talk about that on the reunion. I was kind of taken back by that because at that point, she had already apologized to me, [and] I had already apologized to her. So, we were completely fine, everything was good so I was kinda thrown. Like, ‘Why is this being talked about at the reunion?’”


And because they’d already apparently talked out the issue, Brittany said she “didn’t really understand” why it was dredged up again… But DID recognize where she went wrong:

“I do love Lala and my mistake was writing the text message, which was a nice message — I would never be rude or mean to anybody, let me make that very clear. But, my mistake was writing the message on that day, I shouldn’t have done that. I apologized immediately for that.”

What irked her is that it took “a long time” for her and Jax to find a nanny they “trusted” with their son Cruz, who she said “needs certain people that are constant and in his life.” But one thing she made clear was that her and Lala’s feud “sounded way worse on the reunion” than it was IRL. She added:

“We literally only have me, Jax and our nanny here. That’s why it was important to me. It’s not because of any other thing. If I would’ve known or asked, I would’ve been like, ‘Yes, of course, go for it. Use her for the day!’ It was just more of the shock value. Me and Jax were already in such a bad place, so I just kind of wrote a message on a day that I shouldn’t have. But we had already apologized to each other and gotten over it since then.”

Inneresting! Lala must just be working hard to secure her spot on The Valley!

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