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Tommy Lee's Wife Brittany Furlan Says She Only Intended To Shade HERSELF With Pamela Anderson TikTok!

Tommy Lee's Wife Brittany Furlan Says She Only Intended To Shade HERSELF With Pamela Anderson TikTok!

Brittany Furlan is taking time to speak out about those TikTok videos.

As Perezcious readers will recall, the ex-Vine star took to the new social media app last week to post several eye-catching clips following the release of Pamela Anderson‘s new memoir and documentary. Of course, Furlan is married to Tommy Lee, who was infamously married to Anderson back in the late 1990s. So there is a LOT of intertwined romantic history here.

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In Furlan’s first TikTok clip from last week, the 36-year-old social media influencer assured fans she was doing OK after Pam’s memoir hit newsstands. In the book (and in the Netflix doc, too), the Baywatch star gets VERY real about her lost love with the world-famous drummer. So, Furlan wanted everyone to know she was cool as those old flames were dredged up again.

In the second (very, very short-lived) TikTok clip, Brittany joked about how Pam might react if Furlan died. But the joke appeared to seriously miss the mark, because (a) Brittany deleted that clip almost immediately after posting it, and (b) she’s now been taking the weekend to defend herself from fans!!

Over on the first TikTok clip we mentioned, Furlan is down in the comments answering fans who have questions about the second TikTok clip. Confused? Of course. LOLz! But we’ll straighten it out for ya! In one comment from the weekend, Brittany tried to walk back her since-deleted social media shade, writing:

“I’m definitely not perfect. AT ALL. I have feelings and flaws and do/say dumb things. I’m trying my best I can in the given circumstances”

Longtime watchers of Furlan will know she’s always been straight up about her mental health struggles, anxiety in particular, but still, some fans had questions! One fired off a message asking why Furlan chose to joke about death amid the Baywatch babe’s book push:

“I totally love you! But why would you make a TikTok with her filter caption if you die?”

Brittany fell back on her old Vine humor by explaining how joking is her way of coping:

“B/c I was trying to make a joke about people saying they should get back together. So I said if I died that’s when it would happen. Shaded myself”


That’s totally true, but we can also see why Pamela fans still called shade. We mean, the plot of the joke was essentially saying Pam wouldn’t be respectful of Brit’s death and would instead pounce back on Tommy RIGHT AWAY. Another fan was equally skeptical, and commented:

“the only reason why anyone is saying anything is because you made a video about Pam. If it was a joke video just say so. Pam would probably laugh tbh”

Again, Furlan returned that second volley with more cope! This time, she doubled down on the joke aspect of her quickly-deleted clip, arguing that it’s “how I deal” with stress:

“I literally captioned it was a joke! A joke about ME dying. Not her. Don’t know what more to say. l’ve made jokes my whole life. It’s how I deal.”

Tommy Lee's Wife Brittany Furlan Says She Only Intended To Shade HERSELF With Pamela Anderson TikTok!
Brittany had a busy weekend replying to fans, and… / (c) Brittany Furlan/TikTok


Now, back when Brittany and Tommy first got together, the social media star only ever had SUPER lovely things to say about the ’90s Queen. Whenever fans brought it up, she would give full respect to Pamela, basically calling her the mother of all that is beautiful. So what’s changed since then?? Is it really just the fan frenzy of Pam and Tommy’s love story coming back around? Or is there something else going on that hasn’t yet been fully revealed?? Hmm…

You can watch the latest comment-section controversy unfold on that aforementioned first TikTok clip from last week ICYMI the first time around (below):


♬ original sound – BrittanyFurlan

In addition to the TikTok talk, Brittany is doing a full-scale media blitz on the sitch. On Monday afternoon, she spoke to Page Six about Pam, and Tommy, and everything that’s been going on.

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When asked about fans’ social media reaction to her TikTok “joke,” Furlan sarcastically responded that dealing with it has been “so fun.” She also argued that “people mistook” her attempt to make light of her own hypothetical death. Tommy’s wife of three years told the outlet:

“[People] thought I was making a joke about her dying instead of myself.”

And just like she said in those TikTok comments to fans, Brittany explained to the news org that “humor, even dark humor” has been her way of coping through “uncomfy” situations. Which may be true! But it definitely doesn’t lighten the load now as fans descend following Anderson’s memoir-slash-documentary drive.

Furlan seems resigned to it, tho. She concluded her Page Six chat with this simple slogan:

“What will be will be.”

For all you grammar nerds out there, that is the future-tense version of “it is what it is.” Ha!!!

As for Tommy’s part in all of this, from what we can see, he’s standing strong in his commitment to the comedian. He comments lovely things on her social media posts, he regularly joins in on her videos, and he’s been working on himself and his personal growth since his infamous row with Pam. The man even tends to A BONSAI TREE as part of his meditative practices. You know how hard that is??

So anyway, what do y’all think of all this??

Sound OFF with your take on all this TikTok tension down in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Brittany Furlan/TikTok]

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