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Brittany Furlan Responds To Backlash Over Shady Pamela Anderson Video: 'It's A Joke'!

Brittany Furlan is defending herself after facing backlash for a shady video about Pamela Anderson!

ICYMI, the 36-year-old has been under fire after throwing some shade at husband Tommy Lee’s ex-wife on TikTok amid the release of her memoir Love, Pamela and documentary Pamela: A Love Story. In her tell-alls AND the accompanying promo tour, Pam has talked a lot recently about how Tommy was the only man she loved — and most importantly still loved. It apparently has gotten under Brittany’s skin. In her latest post, which used the “90s Pam Makeup” filter and was captioned “Pam if I died,” Brittany lip-synched to some audio of how she imagined the Baywatch alum reacting to her death — a very insincere:

“‘Oh, she passed away? Oh. Mm. Alright.'”

Followed by a quick pan to Tommy Lee lying next to her — clearly implying the 55-year-old was ready to pounce on that man the second she could! Oof!

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Mind you, this came shortly after Brittany shared a lengthy message about how she’s fine and unbothered by all of the media attention about Pam and Tommy’s tumultuous marriage! She also captioned the post:

“Pls guys I gotta make jokes it’s how I cope.”

Well, a lot of other social media users weren’t laughing! Unsurprisingly, the former Vine star deleted the video almost immediately after posting — but she wasn’t quick enough as fans were still able to grab a screen recording and react to it. Critics dragged Brittany for mocking Pamela and being “disrespectful” towards the Baywatch alum, especially when she’s been supportive of her marriage to Tommy. Rather than apologizing for the video, though, the social media personality now has decided to fight back against the backlash on Twitter.

It started when someone responded to her tweet from January about how “living in the present” is “good for your mental health” with a GIF of Pamela, adding:

“I call shade!”

She fired back at the social media user on Friday, saying:

“Ummm How is this a dig? I tweeted this on the 28th…her show wasn’t out til the 31st. Yikes. Ppl just looking for drama. It was a discussion I had with my therapist for my anxiety to live in the present moment”

Another person then chimed into the drama, asking alongside a screenshot from her controversial TikTok video:

“Was this a dig?”

Well, the Paradise City actress was quick to defend herself and insisted the clip was nothing more than “a joke.” She wrote:

“Jesus it’s a joke. If you can’t laugh, then what can you do?”

We mean. Yes. No one said it wasn’t a joke. But a joke at someone’s expense is a dig. That deflection ain’t much of a defense, gurl.

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Besides, it kind of seems like she’s kidding on the square — you know, joking but no, really, she still kind of believes it? She said she “could care less” about the doc and memoir — but she’s still making vids about it on social media? Not to mention a source told Radar this week that she wasn’t too happy with Pam’s latest mentions of still loving Tommy:

“[Brittany] doesn’t believe that Tommy would go back to Pam, but she still feels it’s disrespectful and tiresome to live in the past and make him the focal point of her memoir.”

Seems like she’s actually pretty upset. Joking is just, as she said, how she copes. Even if those jokes are at someone’s expense.

You can ch-ch-check out all the tweets (below):

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you believe Brittany is actually annoyed about Pam’s Tommy talk? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Brittany Furlan/Instagram, WENN]

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