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Brody Jenner Has Reportedly Moved On From Ex Kaitlynn Carter With Former Playboy Playmate Josie Canseco!

Brody Jenner Kaitlynn Carter Josie Canseco updates

Miley Cyrus may have already moved on with Brody Jenner‘s ex, Kaitlynn Carter, but it’s becoming clear he isn’t exactly sitting things out in his own love life!

The star of The Hills has moved right on seamlessly after his breakup — and her public party time with Cyrus over in Italy — and now, Brody appears to have a new love interest… just like that! Now batting for team Jenner: former Playboy playmate and sexy MLB daughter Josie Canseco!

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Sources close to the pair are telling TMZ about Brody and Josie’s new thing; they’ve reportedly “been seeing each other of late,” and they “seem like a good match for now.”

Now, the news doesn’t mean anything super-serious is going on between them yet, but they apparently hit it off right away after first meeting during a press tour for The Hills in NYC and have been spending a lot of time together in the weeks ever since. Sources say they’re content to take things “somewhat slow,” but the romantic interest is clear there… so maybe this will go somewhere one day!

For now, consider it just one more connection in the relationship web involving Miley, Kaitlynn, and Liam Hemsworth… and it seems like everyone is moving on just fine besides the actor.

Meanwhile, On TV…

Ironically, this week on The Hills, Jenner raves about (now-ex GF) Carter after she held a black tie gala for her fashion startup, Foray.

The episode — which, of course, was filmed months ago — saw Kaitlynn stressed out all night long making sure her event went off seamlessly for the dozens of guests in attendance. All along the way, Brody admired his then-GF from close by, and was clearly a proud guy watching everything go down.

In a now-ironic solo interview after the gala, the 35-year-old gushed about the blogger (below):

“I absolutely scored the jackpot with Kaitlynn. She’s gorgeous, she’s fun, she smart. She’s incredibly smart. And she’s worked really, really hard on this gala. I feel like a proud husband.”

Awww! First off, obviously, he’s not a husband — and we all know that now! Ha!

But more to the point here, his kind words for Kaitlynn underscore everything we’re hearing about their situation post-breakup: neither one harbors any ill will to the other, according to sources, and he isn’t miffed at all about his ex’s recent connection with the pop singer.

Sounds like it’s love all around for everybody involved — and now, maybe a new fling in the works for this Jenner!

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