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Caroline D’Amore Calls Filming The Hills: New Beginnings Absolute ‘Hell’ Amid Mischa Barton Feud!

Caroline D’Amore Calls Filming The Hills: New Beginnings ‘Hell’ Amid Mischa Barton Feud!

Caroline D’Amore spilled on how filming the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings was the absolute worst, all thanks to her dramatic feud with Mischa Barton and other cast members.

Speaking on the HillsCast with Teddi Mellencamp, the 36-year-old reality star shared how she struggled to work on the series due to efforts made by a supposed pal to keep her out of the first season before she joined the cast. If you haven’t already guessed, it turned out to be the OC alum:

“Mischa’s not on the show anymore, but everyone knows that Mischa and I had beef. Like, it’s documented. That was in the press. Basically, we were friends last season, and then she had gone behind my back, I guess, to keep me off the show.”

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The Sorority Row actress then explained how Barton even sabotaged a promo event for her pizza sauce company at Kathy Hilton’s home, saying:

“I threw a Pizza Girl party last season that no one got to see at Kathy Hilton’s house. It was amazing. That family has been really big supporters and friends of mine, and they were like, ‘Absolutely, have your event.’ And I had The Hills cast members there and everything, and they were unable to use that scene after I had worked so hard and Kathy and everybody had come out for my company because Mischa wouldn’t speak my name in the interviews.”

Oof, it’s messy!! But what else can we expect from the 35-year-old? We mean, she did share a since-deleted post to her Instagram back in March bashing her exit and Caroline’s inclusion to the show’s roster. Mischa wrote at the time:

“As if anyone would watch Caroline D’Amore try to hoc her boring ass pasta bowls and greasy pizza on tv. Tried that it was like watching paint dry. Get the story straight first.”

And while Barton certainly didn’t make Caroline feel welcome, it also didn’t help that her other co-star attempted to make her time on The Hills a living nightmare. As you may know, the cast of season two included Audrina Patridge, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Jason Wahler, Ashley Wahler, Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner, Brandon Lee, and Frankie Delgado. The business owner said of them:

“I had more than one person last season try to hurt my chances of being on this show. It’s so much more than actual on-screen drama.”

Yikes! But let’s be real here: producers probably ate the drama and tension up because it made some interesting television. So Caroline probably would have made it on anyways despite the alleged efforts from the castmates. Just saying! Anywho…

While Teddi noted how the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills crew always had each other’s back no matter what, the DJ claimed that wasn’t the case for her while filming season 2 of the series. She explained:

“People are so calculated and mean, way beyond my scope. It’s not something I absolutely love. They would do things where they would look into the camera for my scenes so that they would be null and void. They would do things so that, if I spoke, they would say things that would have to be cut out, like, ‘Oh, you’re just trying to get into this scene.’ That happened to me so much, everybody’s just trying to keep the new girl down. It was really stressful and really hard to deal with.”

Caroline then added:

“I just have a lot of frustration. A lot of people made it hell.”

There’s certainly never a dull moment on The Hills, Perezcious readers. We will just have to wait and find out how the rest of her terrible time with the cast plays out on screen. And if you’re interested in the entire podcast, you can take a listen (below):

[Image via Caroline D’Amore/Instagram & FayesVision/WENN]

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