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The OC Source Says Mischa Barton Wasn't Bullied -- She Was A 'Nightmare'!

Mischa Barton The OC Nightmare Late Mother Momager

The other shoe dropping??

Mischa Barton didn’t just take fans by surprise with her comments about being “bullied” on the set of The O.C. Her castmates were plenty confused as well.

In case you missed it, the one and only Marissa Cooper unloaded after a decade and a half, discussing what led to her leaving the show prematurely — which she says was talked about from the FIRST SEASON.

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After her lengthy, rare interview on the subject, former co-stars Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke — who just launched the Welcome To The O.C. Bitches rewatch podcast — said they were “perplexed” by her claims.

Rachel in particular, who played Marissa’s bestie Summer Roberts on the iconic teen drama, was taken aback by Mischa’s mention of her “last-minute” addition as a series regular and “evening out everybody’s pay.” Same, gurl. We couldn’t tell what she was getting at.

Well, someone thinks they have the answers. A new source is spilling to Page Six, scoffing at Mischa’s claims she was bullied — saying instead she was the one who was a “nightmare” to work with:

“So now she wants to go say that she was bullied. It wasn’t that she was bullied. People didn’t appreciate waiting for hours for her to show up.”

Yep, the source paints a very different picture of Barton as a diva who would “show up late” for filming all the time. And it wasn’t just her with the behavior, says this insider; it was her mother, too. The source says the momager was “annoying” to everyone on set:

“It was a mess.”

Innerestingly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Mischa acknowledged that last bit. She actually filed a lawsuit against Nuala Barton back in 2015, claiming her manager mom withheld earnings and, yes, bullied her.

As far as the rest, well, the former child star isn’t denying her own behavior — just trying to make sure everyone is held accountable. In a new statement to the outlet in response to the source’s accusations, she says:

“There was a lot going on. Whether I was late or not doesn’t excuse certain behavior from individuals in powerful positions. Everyone experiences things differently and where I acknowledge some of my past behavior may not have been helpful in certain instances, I will tell my truth when I feel ready.”

We wish that would happen on Rachel and Melinda’s podcast. Her co-stars invited her to come on and talk about her experience, and that would be THE most must-watch TV since the season three finale.

Innerestingly, Page Six‘s source also claims to have observed Mischa’s behavior on the set of The Hills: New Beginnings in 2019 and said the difference was “night and day.”

“She was definitely more mature. She definitely was showing up with an understanding of what her responsibilities were.”

And of course, no momager around…

Do YOU think we’ll ever hear the full story of the drama behind on The O.C.??

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