Pete Davidson, Lady GaGa, & More Celebs With Big TATTOO Energy!

You’ve heard of BDE before — but what about the celebs who have BTE?

That’s right: Big Tattoo Energy. It’s real, it’s measurable, and only a certain type of star can pull it off.

Whether it’s a tribute to a romantic partner, covering up the name of a former romantic partner, or something random, like a huge f*cking firebird, A-listers have always loved to ink themselves up in new and creative ways.

Photo: Ariana Grande Evolves ANOTHER Pete Davidson-Inspired Tattoo

Of course, a star has to have a good portion of their bod covered in ink before anyone can say they have *Big Tattoo Energy*. They could be covered head to toe in a bunch of little tattoos that each tell a story about a time in their lives… or, it could just be something like a huge f*cking firebird on their backs.

It’s all very nuanced. Which is why we drew up a list of celebs with BTE (below)!

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson smiles because he has lots of tattoos
Pete smiles because he has lots of tats. / (c) WENN

If this skin could talk… it’d probably say something like, “okay.” The Saturday Night Live star has a legion of tats all around his body: some from his relationships, others from his personal hardships, and even more just for the heck of it.

The comedian got inked several times just over the course of his relationship with Ariana Grande. Then, after they broke up in October 2018, he covered a few of those reminders up. Pete made the most painful replacement in February 2019, when he covered up his matching Ari tattoo “Mille Tendresse” — a French phrase made popular by the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s — with the word “CURSED” on the back of his neck.

Most recently, the funny man got a massive, muscular unicorn tattooed on his arm:

Adam Levine

Adam Levine shows off tattoo sleeves
Ask Adam about his sleeves. / (c) WENN

The Maroon 5 frontman loves his tattoos! So much, he showed them off for the entire world when the band performed at the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime show.

Levine got his first huge tattoo — a giant mermaid that took up his entire back — in late 2015. See for yourself:

Since then, he’s covered up his body with even more majestic ink.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has a lower back tattoo.
The girl knows how to sell her tattoo. / (c) WENN

The comedienne doesn’t have many tattoos: in fact, she only has one that we know of. But the tattoo on Schumer’s lower back is pretty iconic, seeing as it was the title of her 2016 memoir, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo.

Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux has tattoos
Justin shows off more than his tats in ‘The Leftovers’. / (c) WENN

After his fully inked back (and then some) went on display in HBO‘s The Leftovers, many fans assumed that the actor’s tats were fake.

But Theroux confirmed in 2014 that his body art was the real deal, admitting he’s simply “been concealing them for years.” Observe:

Fooled Ya!

Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga has lots of tattoos
GaGa has award winning tattoos. / (c) WENN

The Oscar winner modifies her body with tiny tats on the reg. Sometimes, she has one too many tequilas before hand and messes it up. LOLz!

In 2017, GaGa debuted a giant moth tattoo on her back, hours before she took the Grammys stage with Metallica. While it turned out to be fake, the songstress would go on to get a real tattoo of a rose going up and down her spine a year later:


Cheryl has a nice back tattoo of a rose
Cheryl has rosy cheeks. / (c) WENN

The former Girls Aloud singer has a rose tattoo that covers her lower back — and rosy cheeks! She previously said she wanted to have her entire back inked up, but couldn’t handle the pain.

Ed Sheeran

Teddy’s favorite tat is close to his heart! The singer got a giant lion tattoo on his chest after selling out three nights at Wembley Stadium, the largest concert venue in England.

Justin Bieber

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The Canadian pop star is slowly turning into one giant tattoo. Biebs has become heavily tatted over the years, with his heads, shoulders, face, and (probably) toes now covered in ink.

There’s too many to point out, but the holy trinity of a bear, lion, and cross on his chest is certainly hard to miss:


Drake has big tattoo energy
He’s got that Tattoo Bling. / (c) WENN

The rapper has gotten inked up with portraits of many of his family members across his back. In other areas he’s gotten tattoos of Denzel Washington, Lil Wayne, and Anthony “Fif” Soares.

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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has all the tattoo energy
Ben has *the most* BTE. / (c) WENN

You knew this was coming. The actor has been the subject of ridicule ever since his confusing back tattoo came to light in 2015 on the set of his film Live By Night.

The massive drawing of a phoenix rising from the ashes may have made Benny feel empowered. It may have even helped him complete rehab and get his sh*t together. But it also made everyone — and we mean everyone (even Ellen DeGeneres!) make fun of him for it.

But Ben still liking his ink despite the relentless hate isn’t something to ridicule him for. That, Perezious readers, is what Big Tattoo Energy is all about!

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Apr 9, 2019 6:03am PDT