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Young Mom Fundraises For Boob Job After Boyfriend Mocks Her Rare Condition

Young Mom Fundraising For Boob Job After Boyfriend Mocked Her Rare Condition

A young mom from the UK is raising money for her boob job after her ex made fun of her!

Charlotte “Charlie” Hayes AKA strawberry.hayes on TikTok is taking matters into her own hands. According to an interview with The Sun published on Monday, the 23-year-old mom of one has opened up a GoFundMe after the NHS denied her request for a boob job following her diagnosis with a rare condition:

“People think I’m just trying to get a free boob job … they basically told me to get a job and that I’m a beggar. Mainly, I don’t want weird boobs to be honest. I feel like the operation would change my life and that I won’t have so many bouts of hating myself. I have spent most of life having sex with a top on and I didn’t want to wear a bikini.”

She goes on to explain how she was diagnosed with Poland Syndrome — or one breast being much larger than the other — along with a tubular breast when she was only a teen:

“I was born with it, but didn’t realise until I hit puberty and obviously as a young girl I was concerned that my chest looked weird. For years my mum told me that it was normal, that my body was going through changes and that I would grow out of it, but I never did. Then when I was 18, I went to the doctor’s about it and they referred me to a breast specialist who pointed out it was Poland Syndrome with a tubular breast. So I got a double whammy there — great.”

The sad part, though, is she only went to the doctor after her ex boyfriend bullied her:

“He kept banging on at me about getting a boob job and saying that I had the worst t**s he’d ever seen. I have had lots of boyfriends make comments about it.”

So awful!

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See her video where she announced her GoFundMe (below):


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Aside from being insecure about their appearance, Charlie says she’s also dealt with a lot of pain due to the muscles in her chest making her have bad posture and back pain. She confessed she’s avoided going to bra fittings due to embarrassment and has had doctors offer her to get a special bra made to even things out — but she’s ready for a real change.

With her TikTok page boasting hundreds of thousands of followers, she still says she barely makes enough money to support herself and her 6-year-old child, Jasper. So there’s no way she could afford the surgery privately. Speaking about her desire for a “reconstructive” operation, she also mentioned how she’s in a better headspace for it these days:

“If I had done the surgery at 18, I wouldn’t have been doing it for myself. I would have been doing it for the men I was with. But now I am doing it for me. I feel like it will make me feel good about myself and make me do better and motivate me.”


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She’s looking to raise around $6,500 and so far has around $200, so there’s quite a way to go! If you’d like to donate to Charlie’s surgery fund, you can go HERE. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Charlie Hayes/TikTok/Instagram]

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