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Chris Rock Breaks Silence On Will Smith Slap!

Chris Rock Comments Will Smith Oscars Slap

Chris Rock broke his silence about the “slap heard round the world” on Wednesday night.

During a standup show in Boston, according to audio obtained by Variety, the SNL vet found comedy by (at first obliquely) addressing the Oscars incident, asking the audience facetiously:

“How was your weekend?”

Ha! Considering all anyone has been able to talk about is the shocking moment Will Smith took the stage and slapped him across the face in response to a joke about Jada, that’s a funny opener all on its own.

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After the nervous laughs, he said more seriously:

“I don’t have a bunch of s**t about what happened, so if you came to hear that, I have a whole show I wrote before this weekend.”

Fair enough! He did promise audiences that at some point he’ll come out with a uniquely Chris Rock take on the whole ugly business, saying:

“I’m still kind of processing what happened. So, at some point I’ll talk about that s**t. And it’ll be serious and it’ll be funny.”

Funny, we believe. “Serious”? Man, it must have been more upsetting than he let on, that’s for sure. For now, he just wants to focus on the show he’s been planning for months, saying:

“Um…I’m gonna tell some jokes.”


“It’s nice to just be out.”

Ha! True enough! Listen for yourself (below)!

One thing is for sure, there is a LOT of love for Chris on that recording!

What do YOU think of Rock’s first words on the subject everyone else seems to have an opinion on??

[Image via ABC/YouTube.]

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