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Did Cristiano Ronaldo Pay Hush Money To Silence Rape Victim?!

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Lawsuit

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s rape allegations were first reported in a German newspaper last April but — after a vehement denial — just kind of went away.
But now thanks to a new lawsuit everything is coming back out into the light.
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According to a lawsuit filed Friday in Nevada, a woman named Kathryn Mayorga is alleging the soccer star assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.
Mayorga says Ronaldo invited her and others to his hotel room to party. When she was changing to get in the jacuzzi, she says the footballer entered the bathroom and exposed himself, demanding oral sex.
When she refused, she says he took her into the bedroom and raped her as she screamed NO.
She says he apologized after it was over, “stating he was sorry, he was usually a gentleman.”
Mayorga says she went to the hospital and filed a police report but was unwilling to name the famous forward, out of fear of public humiliation, but when she later told the police the name of the man who allegedly raped her, it began.
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She says a detective warned her she would be accused of extortion and subject to legal retaliation. She says a nurse told her the same thing.
According to the suit:

“The psychological trauma of the sexual assault, the fear of public humiliation and retaliation and the reiteration of those fears by law enforcement and medical providers left plaintiff terrified and unable to act or advocate for herself.”

That’s when Ronaldo’s team of what the lawsuit calls “personal reputation protection specialists” got involved.
She claims they got in touch with her lawyer at the time and set up a private mediation.
According to the legal docs, Mayorga is claiming Cristiano admitted to his reps “she said ‘no’ and ‘stop’ several times” and they responded to the crisis, their star having committed rape, by paying her off.
She says they got her in a room alone, in an emotional state, and convinced her to sign.
Mayorga claims she received $375,000 in exchange for signing an agreement not to tell anyone. Sound familiar?
After the documents leaked online last year, from Ronaldo’s side apparently, Mayorga says she decided to come forward and went back to the police.
We haven’t heard anything about a criminal investigation against the Ballon d’Or winner, so we have to assume they did nothing.
Now Mayorga is taking her case to civil court.
Ronaldo has yet to publicly respond this time.
What do YOU think of this lawsuit??
[Image via IPA/WENN.]

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