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542 Naked People Caught On Camera Hidden In Coffee Cup At Wisconsin Gym -- Including Minors!

500 Naked People Caught On Camera Hidden In Coffee Cup At Gym – Suspect LAUGHED When Police Questioned Him!

One man in Milwaukee has allegedly been secretly recording people in his gym’s locker room for years — catching hundreds of them (including minors) naked!

According to reports, Peng Dong, 33, allegedly used a hidden camera inside of a coffee cup to record victims at several Wisconsin Athletic Club locations. On Christmas Eve, police were called to the Brookfield location when someone found the hidden camera in Dong’s coffee cup, court documents detailed. According to official records, the cup “contained a black plastic insert with a thin red and black electrical wire” that “appeared to match the connector that was attached to the underside of the coffee cup lid.”

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Fox 6 reported that Dong told police he was using the hidden device to catch someone who he believed was stealing his belongings. He allegedly lied and said it was his first time using the camera. When eye-witnesses claimed they had seen his suspicious behavior before, he fessed up, admitting that he filmed anyone who walked by his locker. If that wasn’t already creepy and violating enough, when asked if he had recorded anyone naked, the suspect allegedly laughed and said yes!

It’s reported he then told cops he was “very certain” he had recorded several naked people, via CBS 58. Gross. He was arrested and taken to the Brookfield Police Department. Authorities soon got permission to search inside Peng’s backpack, car, and apartment. They uncovered several laptops, cell phones, flash drives, and hard drives containing the incriminating footage.

In a discussion with officials, the suspect allegedly told police that he filmed an estimated 200 men in three different locations of the club, but after examining the footage (with video dating back to 2019), they believe the number is closer to 542. Sadly, this includes at least nine kids who appeared younger than 10.

Peng supposedly claimed he did not know he was breaking the law — but, c’mon, it’s never okay to film strangers or minors while naked! He was arrested for 15 counts of capturing an intimate representation without consent. He could face decades in jail and more than $100,000 in fines if convicted. Unfortunately, he posted a $1,000 bail in late December and then failed to turn up for a court hearing in February. A warrant is out for his arrest in the Milwaukee and Waukesha counties.

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In a statement to the press, The Wisconsin Athletic Club said:

“The Wisconsin Athletic Club takes the safety of their members very seriously. It is clearly stated in our clubs that the use of video is prohibited in our locker rooms and is subject to state and local law. We are saddened that this took place and have a zero-tolerance policy for these actions and misconduct.”

This incident has understandably made many locals hesitant to use the club’s locker rooms, member Peri Oliveros told Fox 6:

“It makes me pretty hesitant to go into the locker rooms and specifically like change and have my personal belongings in there. I’m pretty shocked at the moment.”

Whoa. We don’t blame anyone for feeling concerned. Let’s hope the police can track the suspect down soon.

[Image via Brookfield Police Department]

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