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Corey Feldman Alleges There Is A MASSIVE Pedophile Conspiracy In Hollywood!

Corey Feldman Hollywood Pedophile Claims

Corey Feldman is taking a stand.
Over the past few years he’s been advocating for stronger protection for child actors — to combat what he believes is a seriously devious and surprisingly large ring of pedophiles in Hollywood.
But he’s frustrated at the lack of support he’s found for his crusade — and for his proposed film, The Rape Of Two Coreys.
Video: Corey Feldman Talks About His Experience With Police
He tried to crowdfund the documentary, which would explore his story of what happened to him and Corey Haim as child stars in the ’80s.
The claims his childhood friend and frequent costar was molested by an unnamed A-lister blew up in 2016… but then went away, with no one ever firmly implicated, let alone charged.
Corey believes a documentary would be as effective as Leaving Neverland or Surviving R. Kelly were in turning the tide of public perception for their subjects. Unfortunately, he wasn’t even able to raise $200k of the $10 million budget he had calculated for the movie.
Why the disinterest? Corey tells in a new interview Friday:

“Nobody wants to admit that it is real, they all want to put plugs in their ears and think that what I am saying is crazy.”

What exactly do people think is crazy?
Corey straight up alludes to the fact that he alleges as many as 1 in 5 people working in Hollywood could be part of a conspiracy facilitating pedophiles getting their hands on vulnerable young boys; he likens it to the Catholic Church and U.S. Olympics gymnastics programs’ coverups, as a rampant problem running through society.
Here’s what Corey has to say about that (below):

“Eighty percent of the industry is totally fine, completely fine and mostly good people. Some of the most loving people I have met through my work, but that said… there is that faction of people doing what they are doing. The one thing I have learned is the way you stop it is that film is a very powerful medium, and that is why my film needs to come out.”

So if eighty percent of the industry (four in five people) are totally fine… that literally means Corey is leaving open (without saying himself) that 20% of the industry — or ONE IN FIVE PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD — are pedophiles!! That number is shocking… and it seems REALLY high. Could it be right?!
But more than the numbers themselves, Feldman is clearly concerned about the impact on children and the power of a small minority of people to do harm — and that part should be taken very seriously.
Ultimately, Corey says he may have to borrow the money to make his movie.
But in the meantime, his other efforts have also fallen on mostly deaf ears, including coming up with new rules for the Screen Actors Guild.

“I have tried talking to SAG about it and I am continuing to talk with SAG and hoping they start some sort of reform. I already have a plan and system that could work. But they would have to listen to it and take it seriously.”

Feldman says he was hopeful about what steps SAG might take after speaking with them in March 2018 — but that they haven’t followed through on their commitments.
Now he thinks it’s because certain higher ups are purposely discrediting him. He argues:

“They have done all they have done, all they can to twist and turn my perception so that people have a lesser respect of me, don’t take me seriously or try to make me look crazy.”

What does he think people in power have done to make him look bad?
He doesn’t say outright, but over the past couple years, all the stories about Feldman that did not involve pedophilia were unflattering at best.
There was the time he was invited on the Today show to perform his new songs. Even at the time many viewers saw the move as purposely dragging the star on for public ridicule.

Corey and his Angels perform on TODAY in 2016
Corey and his Angels perform on TODAY in 2016. / (c) NBC/YouTube

Then of course Corey had his own legal troubles. He was accused of sexual battery last year (though later cleared of the charges).
Were these things the work of people trying to make the Lost Boys star less credible??
But Corey contends it’s not just pedophiles and those protecting them who are the problem — it’s the folks who remain willfully ignorant to the problem.

“At the end of the day there is a reason that people do not want to admit it and face it… because it is so dark and so scary that we cannot admit to ourselves as a society that this happens.”

Ultimately those people are the ones who didn’t fund Corey’s movie.
In their defense, he’s asking for the money upfront, before telling his story. People came forward with their claims about Michael Jackson and R. Kelly long before those films came out.
Corey has been very vague about his accusations, of course, as he openly admits to being — but still, when you allude to the allegation that up to 20% of Hollywood may not be such nice people… yeah, that’ll raise a LOT of eyebrows, and definitely some suspicion and healthy skepticism.
What do YOU think, Perezcious readers?
Do YOU believe in Corey’s allegations??
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