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Woman Finds Neighbor's Corgi Sneaking Around With Her Pony -- TOO FUCKING CUTE!

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Corgi and Pony being best friends. Riding off into darkness, the fun never ends.
A 22-year-old Missouri woman came home one night to find her neighbor’s corgi sitting on her miniature horse Cricket, and heroically recorded the spectacle for the internet to see.
Callie Schneker took to Facebook to share the 15-second video of the cute pup peacefully riding her pony. The two animals looked all “um, can we help you?” before trotting away into the night together.
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We can only speculate what the two best animal friends did from there — it could be anything from solving mysteries to just enjoying a romantic night together.
We’ll never know, but at least we have video proof of this unlikely partnership (below):

And here is the original HIGHlarious post:

Also, one Twitter user may have confirmed the real identity of the pony:

Ha! Get it? Parks and Recreation? Nvm…
[Image via Facebook.]

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Feb 09, 2018 12:45pm PDT