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Coronavirus Boredom Busters: Immerse Yourself In These Beauty Tutorials During Quarantine!

Beauty tutorials to help get you through quarantine

With the coronavirus outbreak, you better believe we’re keeping our asses inside!

For many, this comes as new territory as you may be working from home while also somehow managing to homeschool your kids… or have unfortunately found yourselves with too much time on your hands.

Video: Watch Kim Kardashian Squeeze Into This Skin-Tight Latex Outfit…

Now, more than ever, it’s so important to practice self-care to keep your sanity in place. Meditation via apps like Calm or Headspace are great options — both are offering free content during these scary days — as well as yoga at home. These are both great ways to clear your mental space from any stress and anxiety you might be facing.

Then there are all the YouTube tutorials to keep ourselves preoccupied while still having fun! So, we rounded up a few of our faves (below) so you can continue to be your glowy selves and feeling good.

Jackie Aina

We’re feeling the struggle part of this tutorial WAY hard right now! But if Jackie Aina says we can get snatched, then we believe it!

Teaching us the right way to contour, even if you have a narrow face like hers, she’s spilling all that good info while making us laugh, too. Damn, did we need that!

Christen Dominique

Christen Dominique will gently guide you through this soft, glowy tutorial, where she not only informs us on how to figure out our skin type, but how to create this gorgeous look if you’re suffering from dry skin.

Let the soft vibes calm your nervous system as you transform your face into the permanent poreless filter.

Desi Perkins

We can’t have a tutorial roundup without including Desi Perkins! This crystal glam look has everything we’re looking for, including those extra rhinestones.

Sure, there are no events to go out to, or places to be, but can you imagine surprising your coworkers with this glittery beat during your Zoom meetings?? Why not have them all shook?!


Trying to perfect your winged liner during the coronavirus quarantine?? Take it one step further with Hindash‘s winged cut crease breakdown (above)! Featuring a cameo from his pup TimTimz, you really don’t want to miss out while you brush up on your skills.

Also, this video is a friendly reminder that all skin has texture and is beautiful!! *Chef’s kiss*

Taylor Wynn

If you’re looking for a tutorial, but can’t handle anything overwhelming at the moment, Taylor Wynn‘s calming video is specifically for you. No voiceovers, no extra lighting, just great makeup.

The daytime look brightens the face, and while you may not be showing it off as you normally would, feeling good about yourself is exactly what’s needed these days!

Roxette Arisa

This tutorial may have been created with Valentine’s Day in mind, but it couldn’t be more relevant. Starting the vid off with skincare to boost hydration before getting her “date night” beat set, there’s no lack of emphasis on self-care!

And you don’t need to be quarantining with your significant other to rock this look. Whether you’re stuck FaceTiming with bae or “dating” yourself in isolation, Roxette Arisa really nailed it here!

Jamie Paige

Jamie Paige‘s “cinematic makeup tutorial” is like meditation, especially if you decide to follow along with this visual experience. Channeling your fave meditative narrator, guide yourself as you take a deep breath in, apply eye cream, deep breath out, apply lip balm.

Smile and let your thoughts center on what makeup products bring you joy as you apply them. Notice the texture between your fingers as you blend. Has your spirit lifted yet??


We are loving all the bobby pins YouTubers are rocking for their beauty demos now! Nikkie de Jager‘s pearls aren’t the only things we’re admiring this clip though. Giving us a FULL breakdown of how to get this matte (but still highlighted) look, you’ll be as glam as ever!

Quarantine, who?? Self-isolation, what?? No one would know as you’re snapping your social distancing selfies!

Nyma Tang

Please tell me y’all aren’t sleeping on Nyma Tang! The rising YouTuber recreates Lizzo‘s electric eyeshadow and neon fuchsia lip for this tutorial, and we are SO here to learn how to serve looks like these two!

You’ll be feeling Good As Hell once you’re done!


Jade Marie, the content creator behind JadeyWadey180, started her complexion series, which features an ASMR whisper voiceover, and it is so soothing.

While we wait patiently for the day when we can support our local facialists once it’s safe to do so, watching this video is ~almost~ the same as getting one ourselves. And using what skincare you have at home, treating yourself to a relaxing and zen facial massage is just a few steps away.


Going along with giving your skin the love it deserves, Renée‘s YT channel Gothamista provides honest and informative reviews of different products for your face and body, but the video we’re particularly loving right now is the one focusing on gua sha.

Many of you likely have this tool chilling in your fridge, but it’s important to note there is a proper technique and sequence to facial and body massage — and yes, they’re both different! Not following the steps could result in bruising.

Even if you don’t plan on practicing on yourself, Renée’s voice will bring you to peace, so sip on some hot tea, and enjoy!


The CutePolish YouTube team has tons and tons of nail art tutorials on their channel, but this gemstone design feels very spot on! For those who take their crystals and stones seriously, the lapis lazuli rock helps support spiritual enlightenment, something we could all use during these very uncertain times.

And from watching the three-minute-long video (above), you can see you don’t have to be an expert to nail the art yourself.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Namaste GIF by E! - Find & Share on GIPHY

Now that you’ve gone through all of the clips here, relax your shoulders, move your head in a circular motion, and open your chest as you reach for your favorite makeup.

We will get through this, so let’s stay inside and flatten the curve!

[Image via Desi Perkins/JadeyWadey180/Nyma Tang/YouTube]

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