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This Country Singer Saw Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her IN THE AUDIENCE Of Her Own Concert!

Country Singer Becca Bowen Says She Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating On her IN THE AUDIENCE Of Her Own Concert!

Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman.

Country singer Becca Bowen is opening up about her latest single, Son of a Gun, which takes aim at her ex — and boy, she doesn’t hold back. While speaking with People Thursday, the 27-year-old revealed:

“I had no plans to record this song. It was just one of those songs that came out of pure emotion.”

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For context, the fiery lyrics took inspiration from a confusing relationship that took place over the last six years… A man, who lived down the street from the songstress, and shared many of her interests, quickly became her friend with benefits, but not much more — for the time being. She recalled of the situation:

“We both are country people. We hunt and fish and all that. We had a ton of things in common, but we just couldn’t commit to each other. I was always the one that wanted more out of it instead of just being friends with benefits, you know what I mean?”

Eventually, though, the two made the decision to commit to what Becca believed to be an exclusive relationship. However, the truth came into focus during one Fourth of July celebration where the South Carolina native was set to sing the national anthem, and as she came out on stage and peered into the audience to an unforgettable sight:

“I walked on stage, and I happened to look out into the audience, and the guy I was seeing was sitting there with another girl.”

Ugh, his audacity!! He could have gone ANYWHERE, but chose to stand visibly in the audience of his so-called girlfriend’s live performance, with ANOTHER woman? The Who I Am singer added:

“All I could do was put on a pair of sunglasses, so I wouldn’t be able to see. But we did make eye contact, and I remember that he just threw his hands up.”

Could you imagine trying to go on with a performance after witnessing THAT? Hats off to her! Afterwards, though, she didn’t spare any time calling him out:

“I left right after [the performance] was over, and I went home and texted him. Even though we had been friends for a long time, I didn’t talk to him for a while after that because I was just so upset.”

After he offered a generic apology, the Glitter artist went on to channel her emotions into music, and thus, Son of a Gun was conjured up with the help of co-writer Sam Woods:

“It came out so fast because I was just in the middle of feeling all these emotions. My madness was turning into what my co-writer thought would make for a great country song. I think we wrote this song in about an hour, honest to God.”

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In retrospect, the How It All Went Down singer admitted that “it still pisses [her] off,” as she doesn’t typically let love in easily. But with time, she and her ex have moved to a healthier place:

“I really like him as a person, but we just can’t make it in a relationship.”

She added that she’s “happily single,” noting:

“We are, like, best friends. We are great together. We pretty much talk every day, but just as friends now. There’s no judgment between us. It’s just a great friendship now.”

Sounds like she may be giving a bit too much credit, but hey, sometimes love blinds us. However, ahead of the song’s release, she made sure to give him a heads up:

“I called him when I knew the song was going to come out, and I basically asked him not to be mad at me. I wrote this song when I was angry. This is not how I feel about him today. But a woman never forgets, you know? We can forgive, but we don’t forget.”

Listen to the country hit (below):

We hope that one day she finds someone who will ALWAYS put her first! What are YOUR reactions to her story, Perezcious readers? What would you have done in her shoes? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Becca Bowen/Instagram & YouTube]

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