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Donald Trump's Description Of Taylor Swift Will Give You The ICK!

Donald Trump Creepy Comment Taylor Swift Beautiful

Note to reporters: never ask Donald Trump what he thinks of us!

The convicted felon and presidential candidate is the subject of a new book about how a really fake reality show led to an all-too-real political movement. In his upcoming book Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass, author Ramin Setoodeh — the co-editor-in-chief of Variety — speaks directly to the former president more from the prism of celebrity than politics. And things get… weird.

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When asked about Taylor Swift in an excerpt obtained by Variety, Trump — who has in the past couple months been found liable for sexual abuse and guilty of hiding hush money payments to a porn star — falls back on his baser instincts and immediately just talks about her looks. When asked what he thinks about Tay, the 77-year-old says about the singer eight years younger than his own daughter:

“I think she’s beautiful — very beautiful! I find her very beautiful. I think she’s liberal. She probably doesn’t like Trump. I hear she’s very talented. I think she’s very beautiful, actually — unusually beautiful!”


Literally said “beautiful” five times and mentioned her politics once. In the patriarchal, misogynistic Trump world, we’re sure that was meant as a compliment. But how reductive!

This is a woman who deserves to be engaged with intellectually, ffs! Though admittedly Donald Trump probably isn’t the person to take on that challenge…

Hey, did anyone notice how he said he “heard” she was talented. The man has never heard a Taylor Swift song. LOLz! When asked directly about her music after all the looks comments, he says simply, “Don’t know it well.” It’s not just that he doesn’t listen — it seems like he barely knows who she is apart from being “unusually beautiful.” And he proves how far his finger is from the pulse just a moment later when he muses:

“But she is liberal, or is that just an act? She’s legitimately liberal? It’s not an act? It surprises me that a country star can be successful being liberal.”

Setoodeh writes in the final paragraph of the book excerpt:

“I tell Trump that Swift is no longer a country star; she’s been making pop music for years. He doesn’t seem aware of this, but he reaches for a different name. ‘Garth Brooks is liberal. Explain that! How does it happen? But he’s liberal.’ Trump trails off. ‘It’s one of those things…'”

Wow, he really can’t see a woman for anything more than looks, can he? What an absolute trash human.

Anyway, Apprentice in Wonderland hits bookshelves June 18. Apparently Trump gets asked about a lot more celebs, including Kim Kardashian, Debra Messing, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We can’t wait to see more incredibly coherent thoughts from a guy who bragged once again over the weekend about acing a dementia test four years ago. You can read the full book excerpt HERE.

[Image via Fox News/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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