Courtney Stodden Parties With Anna Nicole Smith’s Ex Then Meets With Her Own Ex!

Courtney Stodden was seen out with Edward Lozzi before meeting with her ex husband

Something’s not adding up.

Courtney Stodden recently broke up with her husband Doug Hutchinson, and said it was because of the difference in their ages.

Well, the teen bride was recently seen backing it up on the arm of 53-year-old PR man Edward Lozzi! Yes, the same one who dated Anna Nicole Smith.

It seems like both Stodden and Lozzi have a type after all! Ha!

Lozzi was getting handsy with the curvy blonde on Thursday night in El Lay, and she even flashed her panties during the party (below)!

Then, the very next day, Stodden was out with her ex hubby Doug, and she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

The couple have said that they’re trying to work on things, but it seems like Courtney still wants to be free to date any man, even if he is nearly Doug’s age!

[Image via WENN and Ramey Pix.]

Nov 24, 2013 1:33pm PDT