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Criss Angel Invited Me Out To Dinner And... | Perez Hilton

From Perez: “If this dinner can happen, then anything is truly possible! There’s a few people in Las Vegas who are currently upset at me. And that makes me sad. I am the biggest cheerleader of Vegas! I pride myself on being a person of my word and a professional. I can’t, however, be controlled. And a lot of folks here are used to having that kind of relationship with the media. I wish they would take a page from @CrissAngel’s playbook. He reached out to me because he was frustrated with the negative coverage he was getting from @VitalVegas and @sammasseur. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. I used to have my own very negative ones about him. But then we had kids, grew up and he went through hell with his son and childhood cancer. We made peace a few years ago and I’m very happy about that. I do believe that people can mature and change for the better. I give others grace and space for that! Redemption is real – but it’s not easy. I also don’t believe in judging and punishing others forever for their past. I know what that’s like, very well! And so does Criss Angel. Even he will tell you that his old show at the Luxor with Cirque was not what he wanted it to be when it debuted. His new residency at @PHVegas is him. I’ve seen it and genuinely enjoyed it. A lot. It’s rock n roll! It’s a reflection of who he is. And this dinner is also a reflection Criss. I was happy to play intermediary and help arrange. I was also very pleased that Scott and Sam said yes. Everything was off the record. But the intention was not to silence or buy off anyone. It was just an opportunity for Criss to be seen and heard. If you think you’re one of the people I was talking about at the beginning of this post, reach out to me and let’s have dinner. You may not get the outcome you desire, but I would love for us to be civil and not have any bad blood. I’m out here doing my best. Differently than before. Honestly – in every sense. And this is me extending and olive branch to u. P.S. Dinner at @oceanprimelasvegas was super yummy! P.P.S. Be thankful I’m not as petty as I used to be or as revenge-seeking as I was!”

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Jan 20, 2024 17:33pm PDT

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