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Crystal Hefner Stopped Having Sex With Hef YEARS Before His Death -- She Was Cheating On Him Instead!

Crystal Hefner Stopped Having Sex With Hugh Hefner YEARS Before His Death – As She Was Cheating On Him!

Crystal Hefner stopped getting intimate with Hugh Hefner long before his death. But she was far from celibate…

In her new book Only Say Good Things, officially out today, the former Playboy Playmate revealed she never had sex with the 91-year-old in the years before his death when he became incredibly “frail,” per excerpts reviewed by The US Sun.

Crystal, who married Hef on New Year’s Eve in 2012, said she quickly became more of the publisher’s caretaker and nurse than his wife. And while he didn’t die until 2017, their sex life (which consisted mostly of group sex with other women, per Hef’s preference) “stopped altogether” in 2014! Wow!

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It was good news for the much younger woman, though, who felt “relieved” when there was no more need to play “the Playboy charade,” noting:

“There was no more going out, no more bringing girls home, no more performances.”

But at the same time, she was also secretly moving on! In the autobiography, Crystal said she was introduced to a “struggling jazz musician” named Diego around this time — whom she quickly started a fling with:

“We became friends quickly. And then… we became more than friends.”

Considering she’d met the media tycoon when she was just 21, this new man “felt like oxygen after being underwater for a million years.” But she was still keeping up the status quo with her husband, so she’d always have to return home to the mansion. While it’s unclear if Hugh ever suspected anything, he would be checking the time and yelling at staff if she was ever late. Oof.

By this point, the only intimacy they shared was a kiss on the cheek or holding hands. As the businessman’s condition declined, he was “wobbly on his feet” and “visibly frail” and he needed help eating and going to the bathroom. At one of the mansion’s regular movie nights, he even fell “hard” on the stairs while going to bed. When she suggested he use a walker, he declined, saying:

“Thanks for thinking of me, but no. It’s not for me.”

Naturally, Crystal got him one anyway and she eventually found him testing it out and then using it to get around with.

She also knew they were reaching the end when he would talk about death more frequently — but he didn’t have much feedback on a funeral. While he wanted to be buried in the crypt he bought next to Marilyn Monroe‘s grave at Westwood Cemetery, he had no other opinions, telling her:

“Do whatever you want, I won’t be there.”

It was then she realized he didn’t care about the funeral because he wouldn’t be around to see who showed up, who cried, or how he was mourned.

Now, remember, through a lot of these last days, Crystal was hooking up with someone new — and it was just one month before her hubby’s death that she left him for a week to go on vacation with Diego! She said in August 2017 she informed Hef she’d be traveling, and while he didn’t want her to go, it was non-negotiable.

She jetted off to the Cook Islands with her musician beau where they spent a “romantic, and sexy, and fun, and adventurous” week together in which, she wrote, “Diego made me feel young again.” But as soon as she got back home, reality set back in. Hef missed his first movie night and refused to get out of bed. A doctor then discovered he had an aggressive E. coli infection.

Before he lost consciousness amid treatment at home, his last words were, “I’m OK.” Crystal, on the other hand, wasn’t!

Told his best chance of survival would be in the hospital, Crystal paced outside his bedroom trying to figure out what to do. He’d never said what his wishes were if he was incapacitated. She previously revealed he had an alleged opioid addiction which she always thought might be the death of him or, you know, just old age. This was entirely unexpected, but before she could come up with an answer… a nurse came to tell her, “He’s gone.” Hugh died from sepsis brought on by the infection.

Sadly, the author was “consumed with doubt and regret” after this, often wondering if the correct decisions were made in Hef’s final moments. All this guilt even led to the end of her fling with Diego, which was also tarnished by “the stain of a secret.” Bummer. We’re sorry to hear she felt so much guilt over something that was out of her control!

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