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Donald Trump Reportedly Took Money From A Children's Cancer Charity -- See The Evidence

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The Eric Trump Foundation has raised over $11 million for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital over the years, mostly through an annual charity golf invitational.
Sounds great, right? Maybe not…
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Now Forbes is reporting that this is yet another example of Donald Trump using charity as a smokescreen to benefit himself.
Eric told the finance magazine how the Trump National Golf Club donates the course to the event, saving hundreds of thousands that can go straight to the charity. He proudly explained:

“We get to use our assets 100% free of charge.”

But it turns out that isn’t true. In fact, according to Forbes‘ research, the amount the Trump Organization charged was WAY more than it would have cost to do elsewhere.
The magazine looked into the Eric Trump Foundation’s tax filings and found more than $1.2 million in received money that doesn’t seem to go anywhere but into the Trumps’ pockets.
How responsible is Donald in all this? According to Forbes‘ sources, directly. They report:

“…the person who specifically commanded that the for-profit Trump Organization start billing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the nonprofit Eric Trump Foundation, according to two people directly involved, was none other than the current president of the United States, Donald Trump.”

Of course, all this is in addition to the Trumps’ usual treatment of charities — getting people to donate money to them, which they in turn report as if it’s their own charitable donation in order to use it as a tax write-off.
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In this case, Forbes found over half a million in donations that the Eric Trump Foundation actually took and rather than giving it to St. Jude, re-donated it to other charities, “many of which were connected to Trump family members or interests, including at least four groups that subsequently paid to hold golf tournaments at Trump courses.”
In other words, they reportedly kept funneling the charity money back into their own organization, double dipping until hundreds of thousands went from being donations to being profits.
You need more reason not to trust Trump? He uses charity as a source of income. This family takes money from children with cancer. You can get more info HERE!
For anyone else, this would be the enough damning evidence to destroy their reputation and derail their career, if not put them behind bars.
How long are we just going to let him keep saying “fake news” while hiding his taxes??
[Image via CBS.]

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Jun 07, 2017 17:05pm PDT