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Donald Trump Is Melting Down On Twitter, Attacking Kellyanne Conway's 'Husband From Hell'

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Look, we all know the president’s Twitter habit is a problem. You know, because it’s 2019 and everything is NONSENSE.
But lately it’s been more combative and out of control than usual — we’re talking Kanye West levels of lashing out.
So, is Donald Trump talking about how angry he is about the increase in white supremacist terrorist attacks? Complaining about our government’s inability to match New Zealand’s swift action on gun reform following a single mass shooting?
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Ooh, how about how desperate a situation we’re now in as corporations continue to rapidly ruin our planet with carbon emissions?
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LOLz. No.
Since Sunday, Trump has sent out over 40 tweets and retweets, including:

  • attacking Shep Smith and other Fox News anchors who don’t agree with everything he says
  • telling Fox News to end their suspension of Jeanine Pirro over remarks even they found to be Islamaphobic
  • demanding Saturday Night Live and late night talk shows be investigated because they make fun of him
  • attacking the late John McCain as being “last in his class” at Annapolis
  • retweeting alt right conspiracy monger Jack Posobiec (one of the minds behind Pizzagate)

But the most awkward thing he’s done is blown up his feud with George Conway.
For those who don’t know, Trump’s all-time number one defender Kellyanne Conway is married to one of those wacky conservatives who didn’t sell out all their values when Trump became the leader of the Republican Party.
He regularly speaks out about the president being unfit for public office, especially when it comes to trying to bend the legal system to his will like a dictator. Lately he’s been pushing the argument Trump legitimately suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder which prevent him from achieving the empathy and compromise one needs to be a successful leader.
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See? And they say liberals and conservatives can’t agree on anything. LOLz!
Meanwhile Kellyanne defends everything he says and does with her “alternative fact” spinning. We honestly have no idea how the Conways’ marriage is going to survive the Trump presidency.
George told The Washington Post that railing at the POTUS on Twitter actually helps their marriage:

“It’s so maddening to watch. The mendacity, the incompetence, it’s just maddening to watch. The tweeting is just the way to get it out of the way, so I can get it off my chest and move on with my life that day. That’s basically it. Frankly, it’s so I don’t end up screaming at her about it.

Oof. It seems to be working for now.
But we wouldn’t put our money on things staying that way — because now Trump is getting personally involved, and as we know when Trump takes a hand in the business, it’s a guaranteed failure.
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On Monday Trump’s 2020 campaign manager (and we have to guess future Paul Manafort cellmate) Brad Parscale tweeted this about the lawyer:

“We all know that @realDonaldTrump turned down Mr. Kellyanne Conway for a job he desperately wanted. He barely worked @TheJusticeDept and was either fired/quit, didn’t want the scrutiny? Now he hurts his wife because he is jealous of her success. POTUS doesn’t even know him!”

“POTUS doesn’t even know him”? Is that supposed to be some sassy Mariah Carey shade?
Because we know Trump has known Conway for over a decade as he sung the lawyer’s praises in a 2006 letter. And Conway says he turned down the job with the Justice Department, knowing Trump would be “at war” with them his entire time in office.
Despite all that the president retweeted his adviser, along with the jab:

“A total loser!”

Just Donny being best.
And doubling down, Trump wrote Wednesday morning:

“George Conway, often referred to as Mr. Kellyanne Conway by those who know him, is VERY jealous of his wife’s success & angry that I, with her help, didn’t give him the job he so desperately wanted. I barely know him but just take a look, a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell!”

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Can you imagine your boss calling your spouse a “total loser” and “husband from hell”?? Not having the tact to hold their tongue? That’s the President of the United States right now.
[Image via CNN/Johnny Louis/WENN/CBS.]

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