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Donald Trump's Hair -- Plastic Surgeons Think They've Finally Solved The Mystery!

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People have been asking for years: WTF is up with Donald Trump‘s hair?
Like his tax returns, the explanation behind whatever is going on up there is kept under lock and key.
But after that recent battle with a gust of wind, in which we all got a good look at Drumpf’s dome, we may finally have an answer!
Video: Late Night Hosts Roast Trump’s Hair Fail
The Daily Beast reached out to plastic surgeons to examine the video with a specific question in mind: did Trump have scalp reduction surgery?
In a 1990 divorce deposition, Ivana Trump claimed her ex had the now-outdated procedure, in which sections of scalp are surgically moved and tightened to provide hair to cover a bald spot.
Dr. Samuel Lam of the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration said this was “likely” what Trump had done based on the video, explaining:

“Yes, if you see a vertical incision on the back of the scalp on the crown, that’s very typical of a scalp reduction.”

It would even explain that weird “slot” of hair that looks like a doll’s head:

“If you continually reduce a crown progressively, it begins to look like a normal slot in the back of the head, and the hairs grow abnormally out.”

However, it’s always good to get a second opinion.
Second Opinion: Trump Is An Idiot, Too
Johns Hopkins University hair transplantation specialist Dr. Lisa Ishii explains the pitfalls of the surgery — and ultimately why it was replaced with hair transplants in the ’90s:

“Scalp skin is very stiff skin. It’s very hard to pull together the skin edges and get them to close to each other if you cut out anything beyond a half dollar size piece of skin…
If you had a large bald area, you’d have to have several procedures in a row before you actually achieved your goal to cut out the bald spot. You can’t do it in one fell swoop…
It’s such an outdated procedure.”

Yes, but it wasn’t in the ’80s. If her argument is that Trump wouldn’t have done it because it was short-sighted, unhealthy, and ineffective, she hasn’t been paying attention to his presidency! LOLz!
Still, Dr. Ishii thinks Trump would have gone with the more cutting edge approach:

“I doubt that’s the route… it’s possible that he had a hair transplant.”

What do YOU think, Perezcious phrenologists??
[Image via ITV/WENN/YouTube.]

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Feb 12, 2018 13:34pm PDT

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