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Queen Elizabeth Reportedly 'Delighted' Over Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Possibly Wanting To Leave The Royal Family After Documentary Fallout

meghan markle prince harry removed from royal family

Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry saying goodbye to royal life as they know it?

Reportedly, they’re not just leaving; they’re being thrown out!! A high-level palace courtier has revealed to the shocking response Queen Elizabeth II had to their tell-all documentary, which includes cutting them out of the family.

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After the release of the ITV doc, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were said to have been called in for a private audience with the Queen:

“She called the couple to her private quarters immediately after the documentary aired. In a shocking showdown, she told them to ‘get a grip’ and stop claiming they’d single-handedly modernized the monarchy. She told Meghan it might be okay to be so open in hippy-dippy Hollywood, but royals keep their private feelings just that — private.”

ICYMI, Archie Harrison‘s parents openly detailed the difficult experiences they have both dealt with as members of the royal family. Their candor came as a shock to many, because as Meg noted the British are notorious for a “stiff upper lip,” which she has struggled to adapt to. The confidant shared:

“They spilled their guts like no royal since Princess Diana’s shocking ‘There were three of us in this marriage’ TV interview in 1995 about Prince Charles’ cheating with Camilla Parker Bowles. But they came across as whiners and hypocrites — and Her Majesty was outraged.”

Apparently, the couple had hoped the 93-year-old would permit them to stay in the fold but the monarch wasn’t feeling too forgiving:

“Her Majesty called their bluff! She told them that she was delighted with their decision and couldn’t wait for them to leave.”

And as if falling out of her good graces wasn’t enough, the queen’s reported payback for the “divisive” duo actually sounds pretty bad:

“She stripped them of their royal titles, their newly renovated home, Frogmore Cottage — and about $15 million in financial support! Then the queen removed a photo of the couple that had a prominent spot in her audience room in Buckingham Palace. Meghan’s royal fairy tale just exploded in her face.”


While the photograph removal could have been a decor choice or even a broken frame, if this proves true it could mean much more. The palace aide continued (below):

“Instead of apologizing and begging forgiveness, Harry and Meghan dug their heels in, insisting they wanted out of the royal fishbowl. They demanded a six-week break to chill out — and see what America has to offer them.”

But Her Majesty wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of a long vacation from their responsibilities:

“Her Majesty exploded! I’m told she retorted, ‘Six weeks? You can make it permanent!’ She said everyone, including herself, had bent over backwards to help Meghan adjust to royal life. And if they couldn’t cope, she’d be delighted to see them go — for good!”

According to the senior palace insider, the Queen stood her ground against the “publicity stunt” during their tense meeting:

“Meghan clearly masterminded this publicity stunt — and the queen retaliated.”

What do U think about all of this, Perezcious readers? If Meghan and Harry were really going to be kicked out of the family, we can’t imagine they would go down without a fight!

Sound OFF (below) in the comments with all of your thoughts and whether or not you’re buying all of this!!

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN.]

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Oct 30, 2019 10:10am PDT