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Yes, it really is that bad!

The reviews are in and critics are shredding the new Speed Racer film to pieces.

USA Today gave it a whopping 1 and 1/2 stars.

And, the Associated Press is saying, “In adapting the 1960s Japanese anime television series, writer-directors Larry and Andy Wachowski have created a noisy, overlong, mind-numbing extravaganza that seems tailor-made for nobody but themselves and their twisted sensibilities. At two hours and 15 minutes, it’s way too long for little kids, the only ones for whom this explosion at a crayon factory would seem even vaguely entertaining. Adults seeking the nostalgia of their own childhood will just be disappointed, because Speed Racer the movie bears little resemblance to Speed Racer the TV cartoon.”

Sucks for them!

At least the new Batman movie seems promising!

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May 08, 2008 14:00pm PDT

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