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Judy Davis is mad. Suing mad.

The 53-year-old actress is suing News Corp subsidiary Nationwide News for defamation over some articles published in Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper back in February of 2006 regarding her behavior at a local council meeting.

Davis told an Australian court Tuesday that she had to stop attending her daughter’s soccer games due to the anguish over the newspaper articles that suggested she hates children.

Ha! Now that’s just a bit funny, isn’t it???

The articles described her opposition to a plan by the council to install floodlights for children’s soccer training at a park near her home in Sydney. Davis is claiming that the article is implying she hates children.

Davis was on the stand for four hours in the New South Wales state Supreme Court , defending her position that her image was tarnished by the newspaper.

Uhm, yea. Someone is being way over dramatic!

Judy went on to say that she was concerned it would affect her year 10 year old daughter, Charlotte.

Davis statedy, “The parents of the girls in her class might not want her to play with them because her mother doesn’t like children. And maybe the soccer team that she’s just joined … might not want her in the team. They’re very big things in a young girl’s life.”

There seems to be a lot of ‘maybes’ and ‘might nots’ in her statement.

So her daughter already joined the team but they won’t allow her in? And the other kids might not want to play with her?

Wouldn’t they have NOT been playing with her daughter for two years then? Wouldn’t they have ignored or teased her since 2006 when it happened? They’re all of a sudden probably, maybe, going to start not playing with her?

We smell a bunch of baloney!

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May 07, 2008 16:00pm PDT

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