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Dorm Living 101 For Emma Watson


Like any normal young woman, Emma Watson is looking forward to the freedom and fun that is attending college in the fall.

The Harry Potter star is attending an Ivy League university in America.

How posh!

Of course, like any other young starlet could tell her, the transition won’t be easy, especially when anyone can go to the school bookstore to pick up a magazine that has your face all over it. Or even worse: a poster!

That happens to be Emma’s biggest fear.

“As long as there are no Harry Potter posters on the wall, I will be fine and happy,” she says.

She’ll be doing the college thing up right and plans to dorm at Columbia University when she arrives in the fall. But she prays for a roommate that isn’t a fanatic as she is really hoping to have some “normality” in this point of her life.

We don’t see that happening and, funny enough, neither does pal Daniel Radcliffe, who teased her: “I really hope they are a really massive Harry Potter fan. I hope you walk in and the first thing you see is your face on a duvet.”

She probably will now!

Emma considers herself to be “reasonably okay to live with” which means her roommate will not be.

We think you’ll fair better than Mary-Kate and Ashley did. Then again, they had an empire to fall back on. Well, so do you, we suppose, but we hope you’ll be able to stick it out!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jul 11, 2009 12:00pm PDT

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