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Hypnotist Accused Of Assaulting & 'Grooming' Teen Patient Over 2 Years!

Dr Errol Gluck Hypnotist Accused Assault Teen Patient

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

JFC, this is the actual nightmare of anyone who has ever considered hypnotism.

According to a horrifying report from The US Sun, a long-established New York hypnotist has been accused of sexually abusing a very young patient over TWO YEARS.

Dr. Errol Gluck, founder of Gluck Solutions — a life coaching firm using hypnosis – abused the patient beginning when she was just 18 years old, according to the lawsuit she filed with the Supreme Court of New York on Monday.

She says she started attending $300-per-hour sessions in June 2008 to help her get past body confidence issues, a common problem for teens that age. But she says far from being a “solution,” Gluck’s methods were “grooming” and “abuse.” The physical abuse began, she says, when the Doctor asked her to lie on a mat on the floor of his office so he could perform “body adjustments” on her — supposedly to help with the hypnosis. Per the suit, Gluck then asked her to remove her clothes because they were “in the way”:

“Although [the accuser] expressed to Dr. Gluck that removing her clothing made her uncomfortable, Dr. Gluck forged forward, firmly directing [the accuser] to remove her bra, which was also ‘in his way.’ Dr. Gluck would then kneel next to [the accuser] and would repeatedly fondle her breasts, while [the accuser] laid there paralyzed in shock and disbelief.”

Ugh. Disgusting.

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She says over the weeks Gluck would schedule the appointments with her later and later, even as late as 9 p.m., so there were no other witnesses. The suit continues:

“During these late-night appointments, Dr. Gluck would lock his office door and would again instruct [the accuser] to disrobe and lay down on a mat on the office floor in order to perform hypnosis.”

It gets worse…

“Dr. Gluck then began offering gynecological ‘services’ – services that he was not licensed to provide, and that were not medically necessary – and would have [the accuser] to allow him to inspect her vagina, calling it ‘beautiful.'”

Like we said… Worse…

The suit claims that at least once Dr. Gluck digitally penetrated the accuser without her consent. When she jumped up in shock, he allegedly told her:

“It’s OK, this is what doctors do.”

After two years of this, the young woman eventually started canceling her appointments — and stopped going altogether some time in late 2010. She says he began calling her at “all hours” of the night, telling her, “I miss you.” Again, NOT “what doctors do.” We wonder how long it took for her to realize this was abuse. This wasn’t as widely discussed back then, this started nearly a decade before the #MeToo movement. A vulnerable teen, especially under the influence of hypnosis, may not have understood what was happening. Horrifying.

Thankfully she knew enough to know she didn’t want it to continue. She cut off contact, says the suit:

“Despite Dr. Gluck’s best efforts, [the accuser] never saw Dr. Gluck again, though his actions caused her to continue to suffer throughout her adult life.”

Sadly, like most cases of abuse, the scars have remained her whole life. The suit reads:

“As a direct consequence of Defendant’s actions, Plaintiff has suffered severe emotional distress and continues to suffer from severe depression and anxiety to this day.”

This is yet another case being brought under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which has suspended the statute of limitations for sexual assault lawsuits for one year, a period which ends on Thanksgiving Day. More than 2,500 cases have been filed thanks to the act, including Cassie‘s shocking suit against Diddy.

The victim’s attorney, Erica Meyer, told The US Sun of the allegations:

“It’s very disturbing. I’m a woman of a similar age to her, and so when women of my age come to me with allegations of this nature, I feel particularly passionate about them. And with Mr. Gluck, this is somebody who has utilized his position of power to sexually assault and harass at least two women that I know of.”

“It’s somebody who has taken advantage, certainly in [the teenager accuser’s] case, a situation of a vulnerable woman who is coming to him for help about her insecurities about her body, and unfortunately was faced with somebody who was clearly not there to help her.”

So upsetting.

On his site, Gluck refers to himself as the “preeminent clinical hypnotist and life coach in the country.” He boasts a “diverse clientele” and “over 120,000 clinical hours.” How terrifying that number becomes given these allegations.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and would like to learn more about resources, consider checking out

[Image via Errol Gluck/YouTube.]

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