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Drama Behind The Scenes on The Simpsons


Fox’s schedule next fall might be missing it’s longest running animated series.


The Simpsons have already been slated to take its normal Sunday night timeslot next season. Though it seems like there might be a delay to production.

The problem?

There’s still no deal with the voice talent responsible for the Simpsons characters!

While talks are in progress and a new deal will hopefully be drawn out soon, production has already been on hold for months. This will most likely result in the show’s 20th season having only 20 episodes instead of the usual 22.

And if a deal isn’t reached soon, the number of episodes will continue to drop for next season.

Those greedy little fuckers!

The voice actors on The Simpsons already make SO much money! What, do they want Fox to cancel the show because it’s become to expensive to produce????

Is THAT what they want????

The “key” talents responsible for the main character voices on the show are rumored to be making around $360,000 an episode!!!

That’s almost $8,000,000 per season!!!


The new deal could raise the salaries to around $500,000 an episode, including several bonuses.

Just four years ago, production was stopped when cast members didn’t show up for two table reads. Back in 2004 they were looking to increase their salaries from $125,000 an episode. We think they’ve gotten a pretty good raise since then.

And if you recall back to the late 90’s, the cast (who was making $30,000 per episode in 1998) started to ask for a large raise. But, 20th Century then went as far as hiring casting directors in five cities to find potential replacements if a deal wasn’t made.

As for the talent, they insist they are only asking for a small portion of The Simpsons empire, which is actually worth several billions of dollars.

Whose side are U on in this fight???

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May 20, 2008 15:30pm PDT

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