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Did Elon Musk Just Drop His Own Bizarre Rap Single? Listen HERE!

Elon Musk drops rap single called RIP Harambe

Elon Musk has a lot on his plate running companies like Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink (the Black Mirror-y neurotechnology company that plans to plug humanity into one giant neural network using implantable brain-computer interfaces. Srsly, why are more people not freaking out about this!?).
But in between his duties as global tech titan and future liaison to humans and our inevitable robot overlords, the 47-year-old is apparently taking the steps to fulfill another dream of his: to become the next big rapper on SoundCloud.
The entrepreneur seemingly unveiled his music project over the weekend by tweeting out what many assume is his very own song called RIP Harambe. The link sent followers to the SoundCloud page run by Emo G Records, which may or may not be an actual label run by the CEO.
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It’s not clear if Musk is really the one behind the page or if it’s a random song he found, but it sure seems like he wants to give Emo G Records some publicity. He posted:

The song itself is something else: it’s a confusing, overly autotuned ode to the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was shot and killed in 2016 after a child fell into its cage. As many — especially Musk, evidently — remember, the giant primate became an internet phenomenon shortly after.
So if Elon really is dipping his toes in rap music, he’s certainly off to a great start. Recording songs about social issues is v hot right now in the hip-hop world — though, next time, we’d suggest he raps about something a little more current. (Harambe was trending two years ago, which is basically two decades in Twitter years.)
Amber Heard’s ex kept the references coming throughout the weekend. On Sunday, he joked to his followers that a duck emoji — a popular 2018 meme about ranking emojis — was far superior than Emo G Records. He shared:

What do U think, Perezious readers? Is Emo G Records one big joke, or is Elon G simply roasting his rap career before the critics can?
Either way, RIP Harambe is definitely worth a listen. Ch-ch-check it out (below).

The questionable single comes months after Musk went viral over another bizarre stunt: his weed-fueled interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast.
As we reported back in September, the internet was left perplexed after the Tesla founder smoked a joint with Rogan during a two-and-a-half hour chat where they discussed digging tunnels under El Lay, selling flamethrowers, and the rise of robots beyond human intelligence.
Many who watched the interview were so baffled by Musk’s robotic mannerisms and poor joint-smoking technique, they insisted that the tech titan was actually the world’s most advanced robot.
But could a robot REALLY drop a beat as sick as RIP Harambe? We’ll let you decide that.
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