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Email Of The Day

Hi Perez.
I was staying at the Palmilla in Cabo this weekend for a friend’s wedding. The day after the wedding (Sunday, July8th) the bride’s sister was taking pictures at the kiddie pool of her young son with a big iguana. A hotel employee sheepishly asked her to see her camera. She was flustered and gave it over, and two of somebody’s “handlers” looked through all of the pictures on it (all containing wedding pictures and her son with the lizard.) She started to say, “What the hell?” and the employee told her that a famous person was sitting in front of her and didn’t want anyone taking her pictures. Turns out it was Kate Beckinsale.
In the first place, the Palmilla is so exclusive and expensive, that 99% of the clientele have no idea who Kate Beckinsale is, and if they did, they would not want to take her picture. Turns out, the reason she didn’t want pics taken is that she has a nasty ass, gross saddlebags, and huge thighs. If she’s so famous and worried about having her picture taken while she’s on vacay, the bitch should pony up for a private island or beach villa.
My other friends who were present were so pissed, they busted out their big SLR cameras with huge lenses, just hoping that her “people” would approach them again, but after realizing that NO, nobody was taking her picture, she must have realized staff’s behavior was awful, and gave up trying to thwart the imaginary lurking, vacationing “paparazzi”.
Love ya. Viva la Palmilla!
[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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Jul 09, 2007 20:25pm PDT

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