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Email Of The Day

“Hey Perez,
I just saw your latest posting about Lance Bass. What
a jerk! On top of that, what a liar in that myspace
posting. My friend, my sister and I went to see
Hairspray on Lance’s second night in the show and get
this, he had security escort him straight to a limo
after the show. He only signed a few autographs and
wouldn’t take photos with any of the fans waiting
outside of the show. This was only his SECOND night on
broadway. We were so disappointed.
Every other “celeb”
in the show was very gracious and signed autographs
and took photos with ALL of the fans awaiting them.
(Including Ashley Parker Angel, Paul Vogt from Mad TV,
Jerry Matthers aka Beaver from Leave it to Beaver, and
a girl that was in 3LW.) He was seriously such an ass.
He could see we were all obviously disappointed and he
basically just shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t
apologize to anyone or try to make amends. Keep in
mind this was a sold out show where even nose bleed
seats were $75. On top of that, he really wasn’t all
that great in the show. I remember him being a much
better singer/ showing much more charisma back in the
NSYNC days. Who knows… maybe he’s been confusing
himself for Justin Timberlake. FYI Lance, you’re not
that great! I attached one of the few pics I could get
of him, I know that it sucks, but he really dashed out
of there. It really left a bad taste in my mouth,
along with all of the other “fans” of his that were
there that night.”

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Aug 23, 2007 17:31pm PDT

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