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The Story Of Emily Blunt's First Kiss Is The REAL 'Horror Show'

The Story Of Emily Blunt's First Kiss Is The REAL ‘Horror Show’

Emily Blunt revealed the story of her “awful” first kiss on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, and it sounds truly nightmarish! She literally called it a “horror show.” Oh, boy!

Remembering her 13th birthday party, the Quiet Place star admitted she played Spin the Bottle with “18 kids in the dining room.” After instructing her mother not to interrupt, John Krasinski‘s wife said the big kiss occurred with a “handsome” kid named Ashley Clark, who had “great curtains” — AKA trendy bangs in the ’90s. It gets worse, as she continued:

“I’d heard about the concept of French kissing, but I thought, ‘Well, that sounds weird. Like, why would that be pleasurable or nice?’ And it wasn’t. It was not at all. I was just, like, horrified by the whole thing. And I just remember surreptitiously sort of, like, wiping my mouth afterwards. You know, it was horrible.”

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Clark totally got called out for his imperfect technique, too! When asked if he’d “slipped” her the tongue, the actress shouted, “massively,” before adding:

“Well, not slipped. That sounds kind of delicate.”

HAH!! Hear the full “horror” story (below)!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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May 27, 2021 12:47pm PDT