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Emily Ratajkowski Quit Acting! Says 'Hollywood Is F**ked Up' Amid Ex's Misconduct Accusations!

Emily Ratajkowski Quit Acting Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard

Don’t expect to see Emily Ratajkowski on the big screen again. The supermodel says she is DONE with the acting game!

On Thursday, EmRata actually revealed for the first time publicly that she actually quit acting back in 2020. The 31-year-old found a fair amount of success in Hollywood with roles in films like Gone GirlI Feel Pretty, and We Are Your Friends. But in a candid interview with The Los Angeles Times she explained how just getting gigs wasn’t as rewarding as one might expect:

“But I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, I’m an artist performing and this is my outlet.’ I felt like a piece of meat who people were judging, saying, ‘Does she have anything else other than her [breasts]?'”

So when she got fed up with feeling forced to make herself more “digestible to powerful men in Hollywood” she just up and quit! Her last audition was for the Oscar-nominated Triangle of Sadness. (She lost out on the role to model Charlbi Dean Kriek, who tragically passed away before the film’s release.) After that, she just hasn’t looked back.

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We’re not just saying she decided to stop looking for parts. She FIRED her whole team! Her acting agent, her manager, her commercial rep — GONE! She told the outlet:

“I didn’t trust them. I was like, ‘I can handle receiving phone calls. I’m gonna make these decisions. None of you have my best interest at heart. And you all hate women.'”

Holy s**t! The Inamorata founder, who has been dating casually since splitting with producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, added:

“And maybe that’s why right now I’m not really interested in men’s POVs. Because they were lies. And I don’t mean infidelity. This is a f**ked up world. Like, Hollywood is f**ked up. And it’s dark.”

Hinting at what she might have been talking about, the Times profile recalls an essay in My Body in which she complained about men being gross at a Hollywood party her then-husband dragged her to. She wrote:

“I thought about the way that [Bear-McClard] had glided through the room, a room full of men who only two years before had been kissing Harvey Weinstein’s ring and encouraging their young female clients to take meetings with him in hotel rooms. I hated that my husband was at all connected to these men.”

After that, of course, after the divorce, it came out that like Weinstein, her ex was also being hit with allegations of sexual misconduct. He was accused of assault and even of grooming an underage girl on the set of the films he produced, Good Time and Uncut Gems. More than infidelity indeed. One can understand why EmRata would think Hollywood is so “f**ked up” — it’s one thing to hear about it happening to others, it’s another to learn it was in her own home.

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On her new career? One where she isn’t trying to fit into a box for male producers? Just doing what she wants? Oh, it’s FANTASTIC. She says:

“It feels beautiful, like I’ve awoken. It’s kind of like the archetype of Pygmalion, the classic story of the mannequin or statue coming alive. There’s something that’s been created in a man’s perfect image, and then it takes on its own life. I feel like I’m coming into myself. Being able to assert what I want — that feels like it just started. My life as a creator and not as a muse.”

Good for her!

What do YOU think if EmRata’s emancipation from Hollywood? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram/Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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