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Popular Diet F-Factor & Founder Tanya Zuckerbrot Under Fire After TONS Of Women Come Forward With Claims Of Losing Periods, Miscarrying, & MORE From Following The Plan!

Tanya Zuckerbot and her F-Factor diet called out by influencer Emily Gellis Lande

A whole new controversy is blowing up on Instagram, and this one might actually affect you!

With the rise of fad diets and eating regimens being boasted by influencers on the social media platform, the popular F-Factor program has found a place to blossom. Seemingly around for 20 years, the weight loss “approach” has even been given the stamp of approval by Olivia Culpo.

[TRIGGER WARNING: Details of weight loss and eating disorders]

But is it enough to stand up to claims the fiber-rich diet has caused followers to have gastrointestinal issues, loss of periods, miscarriages, migraines, and rashes??

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One content creator, Emily Gellis Lande (above, inset), is standing up to the F-Factor program and founder Tanya Zuckerbrot (pictured above), after receiving an influx of messages from former users who have accused the brand of being a sham leading to physical and mental health issues.

For those unfamiliar, the diet describes itself as “the most liberating approach to weight loss and optimal health.” So, what are the key principles??

“Eat Carbs
Dine Out
Drink Alcohol
Work-Out Less”

Eating “lean proteins with high-fiber carbohydrates, which are low in calories,” they say you can feel full for the entire day. Culpo, crowned Miss Universe in 2012, was even quoted in a 2013 New York Times article about the regimen’s founder, saying:

“It’s one thing to be told from a magazine or a book what to eat, but it’s another to hear it from someone who’s absolutely breathtaking. She has three kids. She looks decades younger. She’s a living example of the F-Factor diet.”

Although those who have allegedly talked to Tanya, who got her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Studies from NYU, recall her telling them “the less dinner the better,” and the “smaller your dinner, the smaller you’ll feel.”

As Emily called out Tanya’s company on Instagram Story over the weekend for selling “thin,” anonymous users have come forward with their months-long experiences on the program and ingesting the products, which they believe contributed to eating disorders and stomach problems. See (below).

Emily Gellis Lande shares screenshots from former F-Factor users
One Instagram user (left) described how it pushed her eating disorder over the edge. Another (middle) remembered one alleged conversation with Tanya about losing weight, despite feeling sick while on the program. The third revealed needing to start another account after being blocked by Tanya on social media after bringing up a simple question. / (c) Emily Gellis Lande/Instagram Story

You can read more accounts (below) from other users, one who breastfed while on the diet and another who miscarried twice:

Emily Gellis Lande shares screenshots of user's side effects after trying F-Factor
(c) Emily Gellis Lande/Instagram Story

Additionally, others shared they stopped getting their periods for extended periods of time, and one former employee accused the company of a toxic workplace environment:

Emily Gellis Lande shares screenshots of user's side effects after trying F-Factor
(c) Emily Gellis Lande/Instagram Story

Other alleged side effects included one user being diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), in addition to a different person claiming they were suffering from ulcerative colitis and proctitis due to the diet:

Emily Gellis Lande shares screenshots of user's side effects after trying F-Factor
(c) Emily Gellis Lande/Instagram Story

One heartbreaking account from an anonymous Instagrammer shared with Emily how she miscarried early on in the pregnancy, claiming the “high levels of lead” found in her bloodwork were due to the F-Factor fiber/protein powders:

Emily Gellis Lande shares IG Story screenshot of f-factor user who claims powders contained lead
(c) Emily Gellis Lande/Instagram Story

These are just a sampling of the claims brought forward by alleged former clients!

In response, the F-Factor Instagram page posted a new statement to their account on Sunday, explaining away the “heavy metals” found in their products. Revealing they won’t release their Certificate of Analysis — a document confirming it has met its product specifications and testing — due to its “proprietary information,” as well as stating the cause for “gastric distress” to be due to allergic reactions, it can be seen as a prime example of gaslighting.

Read their post:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by F-Factor® by Tanya Zuckerbrot (@f_factor) on

Tanya has also taken to her own page to address the controversy surrounding her company, speaking directly to the camera. Calling the recent internet outcry as “cyberstalking,” the dietician explained:

“For those of you who are aware of the most recent events, I’m sorry that it has taken me some time to come on camera to address the concerns that had been circulating on Instagram about me and F-Factor. As I shared a few weeks ago, over the past few months, I experienced cyberstalking with the intent to slander, harass, and discredit me, the F-Factor diet, and our products. when I came on camera last time, I tried to elegantly address the situation without going into too much detail because the lies were so absurd and hurtful. To give you a better understanding of the extent and nature of those lies, they said things such as my husband is a pedophile to the accusation that I was never pregnant with my three children because I was afraid to gain weight.”

She continued before further reasoning whey intolerances are to blame for some side effects:

“The messages I’ve received recently have become so hateful that just this morning that they wish that my daughters become anorexic and die. therefore, in the past two weeks when all of a sudden that there were questions being raised about the F-Factor products and the program it was hard for me to discern whether there was real general concern or whether there were more people trying to spread more lies and fear. So today I wanted to take the time to set the record straight to educate rather than dictate like I always have.”

Listen to it in full (below)!

Since Sunday, her IG post has been flooded with comments of both support and calls for her to be more transparent. Here’s just a few:

“So sorry you are going thru this! I know many women and men for that natter with eating disorders. It didn’t stem from a diet! It’s a much deeper mental illness often times stemming from low self esteem or control issues. People need to educate themselves on the causes of this serious illness and stop blaming an eating lifestyle that actually helps people learn to eat healthy”

“If there’s nothing bad going on, why hide things? Why isn’t there transparency in this company? From the COA to the censorship of honest reviews to the deletion of comments to the gaslighting. This is really abnormal behavior from a company. Anyone who doesn’t think this is bizarre is CHUGGING the kool aid.”

“I could not be more proud of you. You are elegant, eloquent, educated and have the biggest heart at of anyone I know. I am honored to call you my sister and best friend. ????”

“I think this could all easily be settled if FFactor just shared the CoA and perhaps maybe even have one of the many medical professionals and non-FFactor dietitians on a live to discuss. Sure, you may not want to because you have 20 years of experience but it seems like a simple action that could potentially really help your business, and if there’s nothing to hide or fear, then what’s the point of *not* doing it?”

“I feel so sorry you have had such an unpleasant experience. Envy is one of the biggest sins one can make and feel. Tanya is the most wonderful person I have ever met! My diet and lifestyle was more enriched after I have met Tanya last September. I have only words of excellence.”

“Hi Tanya— can you please comment on all of the women who have come out saying how they have developed eating disorders or severe disordered eating following your program. As an RD- I have personally met with many clients who have struggled with their relationship with food after following the f factor diet. Many of the meal plans that were provided were sub 1000 kcal, which any practitioner would know is way to low for any female to consume. Several have lost their period or experienced their hair falling out.”

“You are a brilliant, accomplished, educated, wise and integral woman. The vitriol and jealousy that has been directed at you, your business/products and family are incomprehensible. Not every diet agrees with every individual. This is common sense. Yet the sociopathy of your detractors, evident as it is, continues to have traction. Please don’t ever give up your fight for justice and protection of your legitimate success and brand. You deserve the accolades for what you have achieved, as well as the support and admiration of your followers. Beautiful inside and out! ????????????????❤️”

“The delusion & gas lighting here is honestly VILE. I know you’ll delete my comment, because it doesn’t fit your ‘cult’ agenda. But this woman & her products are horrid. You should be ashamed that women are falling into disordered eating, losing their periods & often times being unable to conceive children, sending women to the hospital & causing them irreversible damage to not only their physical health, but their mental as well. Praying more & more women speak out & report you & your horrid product to the BBB – you don’t deserve to profit millions off these poor women.”

“This must have been so hard for you do. So sorry you had to go through this. What is wrong with people????? I very much enjoy your IG videos….hope you keep them coming….and I support you 100%.”

“not usually one to comment but this is such a disappointing response. that’s great that your book says to do certain things, but the fact is, your company is not promoting the same message. actions speak louder than words and when your company / yourself directly compare ffactor bars to a banana to encourage consumers to eat the bar over the real, whole food, you’re perpetuating a very different narrative. when you post sample eating days wherein every single meal contains powders / bars, you are again promoting a different story. additionally, while i am sorry for the genuine bullying you & your family have faced, there have also been people genuinely coming forward sharing their stories of eating disorders, reactions, etc. to label all of this as bullying is not only wrong, but also gaslighting. as someone who purports to empower women, you are invalidating the experience of thousands of women to further your own agenda / sales. while i absolutely agree that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to eating, it is certainly not okay to gaslight thousands of people who have been harmed by your products / diet. i was particularly disgusted by someone’s story of you telling them to go off their anti-depressant so they could lose weight. mental illness can be fatal so to suggest that losing a few pounds is more important than doctor-prescribed anti-depressants is disgusting. i hope you take some time to reflect and actually read through the stories of people who have become ill, wound up in the hospital, etc. and come back with a better response that validates their stories.”

It’s a lot to take in! And we honestly have to wonder what Zuckerbrot will come out with next as more and more accusations come to light. Clearly her latest video has done nothing to quell concerns of customers and clients! So, Perezcious readers, what do U think about the drama?? Has enough already been said?

[Image via Tanya Zuckerbrot/Emily Gellis LandeInstagram]

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