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Fans Grossed Out Travis Barker Liked THIS Photo Of His Daughter Alabama!

Fans Are Grossed Out Travis Barker Liked THIS Photo Of His Daughter Alabama!

Travis Barker is a supportive dad… But, like, how supportive is too supportive??

Late last week, Alabama Barker shared a carousel of pics on Instagram that had fans questioning how much plastic surgery she’s gotten… But another thing about the post that drew in attention was the likes — specifically that the Blink-182 drummer dropped one.

That’s not out of the ordinary, right? A father liking his daughter’s IG post? Well, not like this!

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If you didn’t see, the pics were a bit on the racy side… The teen wore a yellow bikini under a net cover-up over it — which didn’t do that much covering up. LOLz! The first pic featured Alabama posing with her tongue out in a full face of makeup, while in the second she lowered the cover-up to hang around her waist. In the third, the celeb kid laid out on a yacht giving followers a view of her rear end — seriously, it’s just a photo of her butt! See (below):

Soooo, yeah, definitely an inneresting post to like as her father.

Travis Barker Likes Racy Pics Of Alabama -- And Fans Are Grossed Out
(c) Alabama Barker/Instagram

On a Kardashians Reddit thread, users made their disapproval known:

“This is absolutely disgusting whyyyyy is he liking these posts”

“Travis LIKING alabamas [post] is….a choice. Let’s hope it’s his assistant running his page.”

“He’s gross.”

“This is so wrong”

“Ew. This is so cringe.”

“This is crazy. She’s been an “adult” for a month and is posting pictures on literal yachts (there’s no way they don’t know what that means in their circle) with her ass out and her FATHER is liking them.”

FYI, the “yachting” thing is a reference to the term’s use as slang for high end escort work — as in being paid to spend time with very wealthy male clients on their yachts. But one commenter made it all even weirder, claiming:

“When Travis and Kourt started dating Alabama had relatively normal pics and racy pics on insta. I noticed Travis liked or commented positive things on the racy ones but not on the normal ones lol. She has since deleted all of her old stuff so you can’t see them anymore.”

OK, ew! We have no way of proving whether that’s true, obvi, but BIG ICK ENERGY at the idea — when combined with knowing he did like this most recent one.

What are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via Alabama Barker/TikTok & Architectural Digest/YouTube]

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