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Fans Mourn The Loss Of Beloved TikTok Star Noodle The ‘Bones Or No Bones’ Pug

Fans Mourn The Loss Of Beloved TikTok Star Noodle The ‘Bones Or No Bones’ Pug

Noodle, the pug behind the viral “bones or no bones” day predictions on TikTok, has passed away.

In an emotional post on the app Saturday, his owner, Jonathan Graziano, shared the sad news that the pup died the day before. Calling the loss “incredibly difficult,” he said through tears:

“I’m so sorry to have to share this, but Noodle passed yesterday. He was at home, he was in my arms. This is incredibly sad. It’s incredibly difficult. It’s a day that I always knew was coming but never thought would arrive. Although this is very sad, I wanted to let you know and I wanted to encourage you to celebrate him while we’re navigating this sadness.”

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The TikTok personality then thanked their fans for the support, expressing that Noodle “made millions of people happy” before his death:

“He lived 14 and a half years, which is about as long as you can hope a dog can. What a run. Thank you for loving him, thank you for embracing us.”

Jonathan also shared in the caption that it’s “been the privilege of my life to care for Noodle these past 7 years,” adding:

“The sweetest man there has ever been and will ever be.”


It has been the privilege of my life to care for Noodle these past 7 years. The sweetest man there has ever been and will ever be. ❤️

♬ original sound – Jonathan


As you may know, Noodle shot to stardom on TikTok when Jonathan began posting videos of the pooch to show followers whether he would stand up or flop back over onto his doggie bed every morning. Basically, if Noodle was able to stand up on his own when Jonathan sat him upright, then it was considered a “bones day” – meaning everyone should treat themselves or be productive that day. If he flopped back down, it was a “no bones day” – signaling everyone to take a break and rest up.

@jongraz I think we all saw this one coming ???????? #nobones #bones #pug #noodletok ♬ original sound – Jonathan

The videos garnered millions of views over the past year, and Jonathan’s TikTok account gained more than 4.4 million followers. He clearly was beloved by so many people on the social media platform. And following the news of Noodle’s death, fans have taken to social media to offer their condolences to Jonathan, saying:

“I’m so sad to hear about Noodle’s passing and so grateful to his dad Jonathan Graziano for all that he did to promote senior dog rescue. RIP Noodle, it’s all bones days in doggy heaven.”

“RIP Noodle The Pug. A great friend and a pug who spread joy to millions. May it forever be a bones day”

“I knew that following a 14 year old Pug on Tiktok that this day would come all too soon…but I don’t regret a single moment of following him. His life gave us so much joy. Even on the no bones days. Rest in peace Noodle. Sleep well prince!”

“noodle was the most special little pug and brought so much joy to all of us. my heart goes out to his lovely human, jon. rest in peace sweet king. thank you for the permission to relax on a no bones day #ripnoodle”

“Today is definitely a No Bones Day. Just saw that Noodle passed away. What a sweet doggie that made so many happy.”

“I hope Noodle rests in an Eternal Bones Day.”

“This is so sad. Rest well Noodle. @jongraz thank you for sharing him with us. I’m so sorry for your loss. Love and light!”

We are sending our love to Jonathan during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Noodle…

[Image via Jonathan Graziano/Instagram]

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