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Farrah's Cancer Update

Since her cancer has returned, Farrah Fawcett has (understandably) been laying very low.
Now, comes comes news that the Charlie’s Angel alum is in Germany seeking alternative treatments.
Uh, oh. Things must not be good!
Craig Nevius, who produced Fawcett’s reality show Chasing Farrah and a friend of the star, tells People that although Fawcett’s cancer has returned, her health has not declined.
“She was declared 100 percent cancer free and then it came back,” he says. “She was discouraged by the treatments she got here. The fact that it recurred after all that she went through was heartbreaking.”
The treatment Fawcett is receiving in Germany is not allowed in the U.S.
Nevius declined to reveal the nature of the treatment but he did say, “She’s been documenting everything in a video diary” for “what could be a very important documentary.”
Sending good vibes your way, Farrah!

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Sep 27, 2007 17:56pm PDT

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