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Gayle King DEFENDS Justin Timberlake After DWI Arrest! Hear The WILD Take!

Gayle King Sticks Up For Justin Timberlake After DWI Arrest! Hear What She Has To Say!

Gayle King is sticking up for Justin Timberlake.

During Wednesday’s episode of CBS Mornings, the crew broke down the Cry Me a River singer’s DWI arrest — except they didn’t tear him a new one like so many have been doing! You know, for the extremely dangerous decision to drive under the influence, which could have gotten someone killed. Gayle in particular actually DEFENDED him! She said:

“Justin Timberlake is a really, really great guy. Listen, this is clearly a mistake. I bet nobody knows it more than he.”

Wow! That’s certainly one way to look at things…

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Nate Burleson added that it was a “stupid mistake,” which Gayle agreed with:

“Exactly, and he knows that, but he’s not an irresponsible person, he’s not reckless, he’s not careless. Clearly this is not a good thing. He knows that.”

She echoed Billy Joel’s recent sentiment that people shouldn’t be so quick to “judge” JT “at this particular time,” and sternly added:

“But listen, driving drunk, there’s never any excuse for that ever.”

If there’s never any excuse, why are y’all being so effusive in your praise, saying he’s “not reckless”? Nate then noted at this point everything is “alleged,” to which the 69-year-old responded:

“Based on what the officer saw, it’s not good.”

Yeah, ain’t that the truth! Nate added:

“It’s just a reminder — get a cab, call a friend.”

Tony Dokoupil tacked on:

“Don’t even risk it. There’s too much at stake for you and for everyone else on the road.”

Big facts!

Watch the full segment (below):

Why is Gayle trying so hard to defend JT? We’re sure she’ll be getting a TON of backlash soon… If not from the general public, from Britney Spears fans at least. What are your thoughts here??

[Images via CBS Mornings/YouTube & SAG Harbor PD/MEGA/WENN]

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