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Spice Girl Feud! Geri Halliwell UNFOLLOWS Victoria Beckham In Fight Over Husband's Allegations!

Spice Girl Feud! Geri Horner UNFOLLOWS Victoria Beckham In Fight Over Husband's Allegations!

Uh oh! Looks like there’s a big Spice Girls battle going on behind the scenes, and this time it involves Geri Halliwell-Horner and Victoria Beckham!

If you haven’t heard, Ginger’s personal life is currently in shambles after her husband Christian Horner was accused of sending “sexually suggestive” texts to a coworker, per Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf last week. The Red Bull Racing chief was already under investigation for allegations of exhibiting controlling behavior at work toward a female colleague. But this is worse. As of Monday, he has denied all allegations against him and seems confident his name will be cleared by the end of an internal review. (A review conducted by the company he runs?)

Through the controversy, his wife has stuck by his side no matter what, but now it appears she’s pissed more friends aren’t being more supportive! Over the weekend, the singer unfollowed Posh, her husband David Beckham, and even their son Brooklyn Beckham from Instagram — a sign of a developing and unexpected feud!

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Geri still follows fellow bandmates Emma Bunton and Mel C — but not Mel B either. Well, it turns out that’s been going on for some time, a source explained to

“There have been hundreds of fall outs between Geri and Mel B over the years, not least when Mel let slip that she and Geri had slept together a few years ago. But Geri has never had a problem with the Beckhams until now.”

So what’s happening?? The insider isn’t totally sure — but it sounds bad:

“You get different accounts of what is going on from different people but the bottom line is that she seems to be taking Christian’s problems very hard. All of the girls have reached out to her but she’s not felt able to engage with them. She is devastated and it’s possible that she feels that the Beckhams could have given her — and Christian — more public support.”

FWIW, F1 insiders also claimed the allegations appear to be part of a “power struggle” within the racing team, which could be why Geri also unfollowed Red Bull star Max Verstappen. But here’s the equally crazy part — she’s already re-followed him AND Victoria and David as of this writing. Hmm…

What does that mean? Is she already over their beef? Or did she just decide it wasn’t worth the social media drama?? It doesn’t look like the Beckhams have shown any public support at all since she clicked unfollow, so the sudden change of heart is hard to explain. But it does prove how volatile the situation is! We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any spicy developments!

Reactions? Why do you think Geri refollowed Victoria?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & This Morning/Tonight Show/YouTube]

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