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Shade Or No Shade

Shade Or No Shade? Did Another GMA Co-Host Call Out TJ Holmes & Amy Robach?

GMA3 Cohost DeMarco Morgan Shade TJ Holmes Amy Robach

Ouch! Did a former colleague of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach just shade them? Or is this just a coincidence because they’ve made themselves such a target?

The couple officially lost their jobs last month as the higher-ups at ABC decided they didn’t want to deal with the controversy of the anchors’ extramarital affair-turned-relationship. Of course, it may not have just been bosses — we’ve also heard a few of their co-workers weren’t sad to see them go either!

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That brings us to Monday morning’s episode of GMA3. During her health segment, Dr. Jen Ashton was speaking about how physical exercise can help with mental health. She said exercise is good for “building our resilience against all kinds of stressors” — specifically mentioning stressors like “an accident, an illness, a psychological trauma, or a low point in our lives.” She went on to talk about a study that proved fitness helped, saying it’s important to keep up with because…

“…you never know when you will be in an accident or confronted with an illness or…”

It was at that point fill-in co-host DeMarco Morgan added another example — one rather close to home for GMA! He interjected:

“Or lose a job!”

Oof. Wonder why that stressor was at the front of his mind! In any case, Dr. Jen breezed right by it and continued talking about the benefits of exercise. But some viewers at home certainly caught it. When GMA shared it on their Instagram page, a few fans pointed out the possible shade:

“or lose a job” so corny

“Or lose a job.” Man out here throwing shade at coworkers

right? i caught that too. not cool.

Was DeMarco trying to say something? Is he one of the anchors who never liked the couple? Or was he maybe one who was upset about their cheating scandal? Because it really seems like he was throwing some shade there… He could have said nothing at all!

Then again, it’s not like he said, “Or having an affair!” or “Or getting a divorce!” It could have been worse! But we guess the fact so many comments could be seen as shade at Amy and TJ maybe serves as proof the couple have made themselves kind of too easy target, even for accidental shade.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Was DeMarco intending a jab at the couple? Watch and decide for yourself!

[Image via GMA/YouTube.]

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Feb 07, 2023 18:05pm PDT

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