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The Great British Bake Off’s 'Mexico Week' Ignites Social Media Frenzy Over Culture Appropriation: 'Vile & Racist'

The Great British Bake Off’s ‘Mexico Week’ Episode Ignites Social Media Frenzy Over Culture Appropriation: ‘This Show Is Off The Rails’

Last week’s episode of the Great British Bake Off, which aired both in the UK and the US, has left fans with a poor taste in their mouths.

In what should have been a respectful tribute for Hispanic Heritage Month, the team behind the Netflix streamer stirred up quite a bit of controversy. During what they referred to as “Mexico Week,” hosts Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding kicked things off dressed in sombreros and sarapes, joking:

“I don’t feel we should make Mexican jokes because people will get upset.

Not even Juan?

Not even Juan.”

See (below):

Right off the bat this was enough for social media users to criticize the show of cultural appropriation — wearing traditional Mexican garments, but in a trivial way, ultimately to just poke fun? Culture is not a costume!! AND the fact Matt and Noel acknowledged that it’s not cool to make jokes at the expense of one group of people, but still continued to do so?? Yeah, not so great. One Twitter user wrote:

“16 seconds into the Mexican Week ep of #GBBO and I’m already offended.”

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But oh no, it didn’t stop there. A clip later showed Matt and Noel discussing whether or not “Mexico is a real place,” claiming:

“I think it’s like Xanadu.

Like Oz?

Yeah, like Cleethorpes.”

Guys, we literally can’t make this stuff up.

Matt was then seen shaking some maracas, for which one Twitter user wrote:

“i just want yall to understand *how* f**king racist this is. #GBBO”

Stars of the show were also criticized for their absolute butchering of the pronunciations of “tacos,” “pico de gallo,” and “guacamole.” One TikTok user couldn’t help but point it out:


PLEASE THIS MADE ME SNORT #greatbritishbakingshow #hispanicheritagemonth #tacos

♬ original sound – Emma

Later in the episode, Prue Leith complimented a baker’s cake, claiming “they look Mexican, there are lots of bright colors.” Riiiiight Prue, because Mexican culture can be boiled down to having “lots of bright colors.”

At one point, a contestant was even seen PEELING and avocado like a potato, with one reaction being:

There was a lady peeling an avocado on #GBBO this week & I’ve never seen more proof that we’re steadily declining towards the end of humanity. #guackimolo.”

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Another wrote:

“This show is off the rails. #GBBO”

As a show that surely provides lots of comfort to many, this episode seemed like it worked hard to make viewers UNcomfortable. Like how was there such a disconnect between honoring a culture and trivializing it?! Mind blowing! Another Twitter user summed things up, writing:

“I had a moment where I wanted to watch this episode just to see how bad it was. That moment has passed. I’m so incensed that they don’t realize how vile and racist this crap is. #GBBO.”

What are your thoughts on the episode, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via The Great British Bake Off/Netflix]

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