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Hasbeen Creates Havoc


Washed-up actress Sean Young was kicked out of the Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday night for being a drunken fool, can exclusively reveal.

She was one hot mess!

The unemployed thespian “was obviously drunk and insisted on talking loudly throughout the ceremony,” a source tells us. “At times, she was literally yelling during some of the winners’ acceptance speeches.”

No idea why she was there, but we’re told she was seated at the same table as power couples Les Monves & Julie Chen and Steven Soderbergh & Jules Asner, who all tried to ignore her.

“When she wasn’t yelling, Sean would stand up, put on her white fur coat and walk around her table and then retake her seat (while people were onstage accepting awards),” a shocked eyewitness recounts.

Adds another insider, “She also licked the neck of her date (some grey haired dude who looked like a lawyer-type guy), screamed in French at French actress Marion Cotillard, and when cutie pie Kristen Chenoweth belted out a few bars to a song (encouraged by Carl Reiner) Sean started singing too.”

Bitch was in full-on meltdown mode!

But it was when nominee Julian Schnabel took the stage that she really lost it, yelling at him to “get on with it.” He yelled back at her to “have another drink, Honey” and started to leave the stage before the crowd cheered for him not to leave.

That was the final straw for security and they came to her table and grabbed her by the arm, dragged her through the tables as she was stumbling in her white fur coat, took her to a backstage side door and kicked her ass to the curb.

She may be a hasbeen, but she still knows how to get people’s attention!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Jan 27, 2008 16:04pm PDT

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