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Deputies arrest Polk County, FL, man who has history of naked encounters with gators

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Deputies arrest Polk County man who has history of naked encounters with gators

The Polk County man who twice made headlines by having naked encounters with alligators has been arrested for missing a court appearance.

Adrian Apgar failed to appear for his May 14 arraignment in Polk County Circuit Court, so a warrant was issued for his arrest, the State Attorney’s Office said Thursday. He faces charges of exposure of sexual organs, trespassing and disorderly conduct stemming from his latest incident with a gator and law enforcement.

In March, Polk deputies found Apgar naked in a pond at Saddle Creek Park walking toward an alligator about 50 feet offshore. The only way to that location was through thick brush.

The deputies who helped talk Apgar out of the water were familiar with him. In November 2006 he made national headlines when deputies rescued him from the jaws of a large alligator in Lake Parker near Lakeland. Apgar was naked and told his rescuers he had taken drugs.

The Polk deputies who rescued Apgar in 2006 said they engaged in a tug of war with the alligator. The reptile ripped off much of Apgar’s left arm and bit his back, buttocks and thigh.

Apgar spent months recovering from his life-threatening injuries at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

He is being held at the Polk County Jail on $1,500 bond.

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May 23, 2008 09:06am PDT

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