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Heather Mills cheated on Paul McCartney for six months

That skank! CLICK HERE to read the article accompanying this headline!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

Heather Mills cheated on Macca for six months

Heather Mills cheated on Sir Paul McCartney for six months with a secret lover, it has been revealed.

The former model had marathon sex sessions with film editor Tim Steel the night before joining the Beatles legend on a romantic Caribbean Valentine’s holiday.

The sensational revelation comes as the couple prepare for a confrontation week in their bitter multi-million-pound divorce battle.

Steel has claimed that the former porn star had showed him Sir Paul’s loving texts, before romping with him.

“I didn’t mind-I suppose I was flattered that Heather still wanted to have sex with me despite being pursued by this musical demi-god,” News of the World quoted Steel, as saying.

“Heather was insatiable between the sheets and she liked to call me her four-times-a-night guy. Our record was six.

“Most of the time it was multiple orgasms. Heather has a very unusual erogenous zone-her stump. I used to massage one particular sensitive area of it and give her an orgasm!

“But it was strange lying in bed talking about Paul McCartney. I would be with her when he called or texted her. She’d even show me the texts!” he added.

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Feb 10, 2008 18:53pm PDT