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Man Shoots Up #PizzaGate Restaurant Over The FAKE News Report Claiming Hillary Clinton Was Operating A Child Sex Ring There!

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Still think fake news isn’t an issue, Zuckerberg?
On Sunday, a 28-year-old North Carolina resident named Edgar M. Welch used a loaded rifle to threaten the staff and patrons at Comet Ping Pong, a pizza parlor in the Washington D.C. area.
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As for why Edgar decided to assault the eatery, it all ties back to a FAKE NEWS story (known as #PizzaGate) circulating around the Internet around the time of the election.
According to the bogus #PizzaGate reports, Hillary Clinton and her former campaign chair John Podesta have been running an “elite” pedophile ring out of the eatery for years. Some conspiracy theorists have even gone on to claim there are “tunnels” underneath the restaurant to accommodate child trafficking.
Take a look at some of the FALSE claims made by trolls — and the son of Donald Trump‘s incoming security advisor (below):

Yikes… how shameful.
Unfortunately, these disgusting allegations motivated Edgar to “self-investigate” the situation over the weekend. Apparently the gunman had THREE weapons following a search of his vehicle.
While luckily no one was hurt in the terrifying incident, Mr. Welch did fire the weapon in the store a few times before he was apprehended.
To make matters worse, the eatery’s staff has complained about receiving threats on social media for weeks. Hopefully this incident will deter further harassment of the store’s innocent employees.
It’s just one of the many examples of how fake news can grossly misinform and hurt the American public.
Stay safe, Comet Ping Pong!
[Image via Yelp.]

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Dec 05, 2016 14:34pm PDT