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Holly Madison Won't Talk 'Dieting Or Weight' With Her Kids

Holly Madison Won't Talk 'Dieting Or Weight' With Her Kids

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Holly Madison is treading cautiously when it comes to her kids and weight.

The former Playboy Bunny told Us Weekly on Wednesday that she and her ex-husband Pasquale Rotella avoid “diet talk and body talk” around their kids in an effort to help them grow up without any body image issues. She shared:

“We’re really focused on healthy eating. I’m really careful not to say anything about dieting or weight or anything in front of my kids. If they’re trying to shove something unhealthy in front of me, I just say, ‘Oh, I’m doing a health thing.’”

She is mom to an 11-year-old daughter, Rainbow, and 8-year-old son, Forest. Two very impressionable ages — so we get why she’s trying to have a neutral approach to teaching them about healthy habits.

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When it comes to the little girl, the former reality star is “really focused” on making sure Rainbow “values the things she enjoys and that she’s passionate about,” explaining:

“We don’t want her to get into the mode where she’s really focused on the way she looks, or trying to get attention for the way she looks or validation through that. I think we’ve been really successful so far. She’s on a better track than I was at that age for sure. I was already trying to look some sort of way when I was 11.”

Aw! That’s good!

It’s no surprise The Girls Next Door alum is working hard to raise confident, body-positive children. She’s been candid about developing body dysmorphia thanks to her time in the Playboy Mansion, something she opened up about to People last November, saying:

“I would definitely say that living in the mansion created a body dysmorphia for me because I was always kind of wondering what’s wrong with me. [Hugh Hefner] had a way of making me feel like I wasn’t pretty enough, and I would look around to everybody else and constantly be wondering, what’s so different about them and why are they so much better?”

That same month, she also went on Call Her Daddy, where she revealed there “was a lot of bulimia at the mansion, to the point where people would end up in the hospital sometimes.” She even noted that “bathroom pipes had to be replaced” because of the problem.

Back with Us, the 44-year-old reflected on that “crazy” story, admitting she initially thought “people [were] exaggerating” until it was confirmed. She expressed:

“There were a lot of people struggling with eating disorders and it was hard.”

Considering how toxic the environment allegedly was at the famous estate, it’s sadly not shocking to learn so many women struggled with eating disorders — it’s an issue that affects so many to this day. We commend Holly for taking that challenging experience and trying to do better for her own kids.

Thoughts? Do you think this approach is a good one? Let us know (below).

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, there is help available. Consider visiting or call their hotline at (800)-931-2237 for resources. 

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