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Did Holly Madison Just Throw Shade At Shanna Moakler?!

Holly Madison Shades Shanna Moakler Podcast

Damn, Holly Madison! Yow!

The Girls Next Door star had some shade to throw at a fellow Playboy alum this week! For those who didn’t see, Shanna Moakler was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Bunnie Xo’s Dumb Blonde podcast, and gurl went OFF!

She told the Kardashians to eff off, she said ex Travis Barker was alienating her children thanks to marrying into so much money, and she really went for Kourtney Kardashian‘s heart by claiming Trav had not only cheated a lot during their own marriage — but he had made plans to have sex with none other than Kim Kardashian, too! What a sore spot to strike out at!

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Holly hopped on her TikTok later that day, rolling her eyes while listening to Flo Rida‘s I Cry, under the words:

“When you just get done listening to the most hypocritical s**t you’ve ever heard.”

While she didn’t mention Shanna’s name, the timing  — and connection between Holly and Shanna — couldn’t be ignored. After all, Shanna came out swinging against Holly amid her Secrets of Playboy dish. After being eliminated from Celebrity Big Brother in February of last year, Shanna told Business Insider she thought Holly’s “slander” of Hugh Hefner was in “very, very poor taste.” She basically called Holly a liar:

“I was personally up there when Holly was there and saw Holly in that house, and she was treated very well. She had cars and allowances, and she had butlers and she had maids and food, and she had plastic surgeries of her choice.”

Ouch! Holly sorta took the high road in not naming Shanna, but she did further tease who she was talking about, as she captioned the video:

“Thought about tagging, but they’d like that too much”


Thought about tagging, but they’d like that too much

♬ I Cry – Flo Rida

It seems her fans got the picture though! Commenters wrote:

“Has to be about Shanna Moakler the whiner.”

“Shanna Moakler is has always been messy”

“I was so excited to listen to that podcast to hear what I thought would be the then I was like… *eye roll*”

To that last one, Holly basically confirmed the episode is what she was talking about, responding:

“So bad.”

Well, she may want to keep Shanna’s name out of her mouth for now, but she did say she’d “eventually spill” more on the topic.

Good! Because we need to know what Shanna said that was so hypocritical! She talked about Trav’s cheating and drinking — did she also have those vices? Did Holly witness it?? What do YOU think she was talking about? We can’t wait to get to the gossip gold at the end of that rainbow!

[Image via Holly Madison/Instagram/Bunnie Xo/YouTube.]

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