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Television is about to get a lot more steamier!

Joely Richardson returns to Nip/Tuck this season and she has a hot new love interest – Portia De Rossi.


Ellen DeGeneres‘ life partner joins the show for a few episodes this year. Richardson will have a fling with Portia after her character falls for the mother of a boob job patient, played by the former Ally McBeal star.

The pair’s scenes so far are said to be so explicit that even crew members used to the series’ frequent sexual story lines have been shocked.

An on set source said: “Portia’s character is going to be involved in a torrid relationship with Joely’s character over about 10 episodes. It’s going to be shocking stuff. So far, the pair’s sex scenes have been wild. Even the crew have been shocked by what they have seen.”


Hopefully they will put Portia’s horse riding expertise to good use. Bring that crop out and use it, honey.

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Aug 17, 2007 10:17am PDT

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